Question: When I bought Florsheim shoes in the past, I bought Florsheim shoe care products for them. Same for Johnston Murphy shoes. I've just gotten some Allen Edmonds shoes, and I'm thinking that there must be a better way to handle shoe care than letting a shoe salesperson sell me a bunch of stuff I may not actually need.

I'm looking for what to get that will cover me on my current shoes and future shoes.

Cleaners, lotions, salt stain remover (God forbid I need it), brushes, creams, waxes, polishing cloths, and maybe even an electric or electronic buffer for days when I'm in a rush. Plus anything I haven't thought of (oil?).

I read some of this thread, and there's an enormous amount of information (585 pages, not including other threads linked to in posts). I'm honestly overwhelmed with (sometimes conflicting) opinions.

Is there a consensus on what I should get to start with as far as a shoe care kit I can build myself?

What products do I need, what brands do I buy, etc.?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Answer: For a calf/cowhide centered rotation one minimalist kit would comprise a conditioner (Lexol or Bic 4), and polish (Kiwi or Allen Edmonds is fine) in the color of your shoes to cover the inevitable scuff every now and then.

Second the old tshirts suggestion for applying conditioner/polish and buffing. However, a horsehair brush is indispensable for getting dirt and dust off the upper and the welt areas (before and after wear)

Or you might take the trip down the shoe-care-product rabbithole and buy every fancy cream/lotion/wax promoted on the internets. Shoe care products are relatively inexpensive so it isn't a major problem, and several of them do slightly vary in their specialized use and efficacy for certain situations, but the above should have you covered if you're currently being upsold polish/products by every shoesalesman.

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