Question (originally posted by @manasdirge ): I have recently got a fine pair of suede shoes and are considering investing some suede care product, I have read a wonderful suede care article here:

In this article, several suede care product are recommended: Gommadin(suede eraser), Omni'Nettoyant Suede Cleaner, suede brush(crepe brush?), suede Renovator, super invulner. Is every one of these essential for suede care? If not, what do you use?

Another question is, do I need to apply any leather sole protect product? Several of my shoes are single soled and I really want them to last longer, if sole protect product works I may consider grabbing one too!

Thanks in advance!

Answer (originally posted by @Stemo79 ): I tend to get by with a suede spray protector and a brass brush which take great care of my suede. Suede erasers are handy for small marks but I barely use mine. I do have the Omni'Nettoyant for emergencies, only needed to use it once or twice but it really works well for suede thats heavily soiled. You would be better just using a brush though for everyday upkeep and for as long as you can. Ive found that shampood suede never looks as fresh as its original state, but maybe thats just me doing something wrong... who knows!-

Answer 2 (originally posted by @smoothie1 ):
If you apply Invulner or nano protector or anything that is equivalent, you will only really need a suede brush and Gommadin for dirt and dust removal.

Omni'nettoyant is a good product. However, if you cover with Invulner and reapply it regularly, Omni would only be used in an emergency of some sort; nano particle protector keeps the suede clean, making the need for suede shampoo unnecessary. Use common sense, protect the suede at the start, brush out dust and grit, and reapply suede protector. You seem inexperienced, but anal, so you will likely be fine. Also use the search function in this thread for detailed past posts on the subject of suede care. @Stemo79 offered you good and solid advice. You may choose to take it or not.

If you want to protect the soles of your new shoes so bad, perhaps you should consider Topy. I'm not crazy about Topied soles, but they are effective.

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