What is the optimal width for a wedding tie?

  1. Q. Ok, I need to know the optimum length and width for my wedding tie, and whether its best to have an actual textured tie - such as a woven silk shepherds check - or a printed version of one of the classics. I really like T&A small houndstooth, but feel ita a bit wide for my broad 5'8" frame. I'm a fitness fanatic so I have a largish chest, and smaller waist. OTR suits are normally a disaster.

    A. (By @MrDaniels ) Your tie width should be in proportion to the lapels on your jacket. If you have a big chest, the lapels should be on the wider side to be in proportion to your frame. Also, what kind of shirt collar will you be using....will there be a spread collar? If so a wider/ thicker tie may fill it better. Length should not be an issue at 5'8".

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  1. Sam Hober
    There is an alternative school of thought which many subscribe to:

    Tie width should not match lapels it should match your body size and personal style.

    So if the lapels already match your body size - it is good but your tie should be made as you prefer it not to match lapels.

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