What are "arcuate" or "arcs" on jeans? What are "tabs"? Common denim terms.

  1. Question (first posted by @Godspeed ): I have a quick terminology question. sometimes in the buying/selling forum sellers will say that their jeans have the "original arcs and tabs" or "original arcs and tabs still intact" or some variation on that. So, what are arcs and tabs??

    Answer (first posted by @JohnnyLaw ): Arcs or arcuates are the stitched design on the the back pockets of your jeans. The tab would be a little coloured piece of fabric that sticks out from under the pocket. Several japanese repro companies had to stop producing jeans with these after lawsuits from Levi's.
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  1. Jimmy Balantyne
    Tabs were previously referred to as 'Tags'. As in 'Levi red tags'. Think Levi's came up with the 'Tab' business, some years later.

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