Question (posted by @thefastlife): I sent the wrong item to someone internationally. they paid $30 to ship it back to me (item is worth about $200 net to me).
apparently USPS tried to deliver once to me (without any notification) and then brought it back to the post office to be delivered back to sender.
Do I have ANY recourse here?

Answer (posted by @Jompso): For packages that are determined undeliverable and to be returned to sender internationally, are usually kept at the central sorting facility for up to two weeks. They don't just try once then automatically send it to another country. Go to your city or town's central processing center with a photo id and your address, say they have a package of yours that is set to be returned to an international sender. Provide them with your information, they locate the package, your good to go. If they only wait a week though, you have no options here but to let it get delivered again to that person and pay that person to send it back to you again, and hope they do. I'd also provide an address that the package can be left at.

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