Question (by @tharkun ): What's the verdict on using suede protector spray on regular calfskin shoes? I have some Allen Edmond Leeds that I'd like to wear to an outing on the weekend but the weather report says it's going to rain.
And while at it and talking about ingredient lists. Do these protectors generally contain silicon, even if no ingredients are listed or not? I bought some moneysworth suede protector when getting some cheap suede beaters, so that's what I would use for now.

Answer 1 (from @benhour ) : Most of suede protectors can be used on any kind of leather without any problem (i have used it once without any problem just for experimenting purposes only) ! Tarrago and Collonil state it on the can (can be used on leather-suede ets)!!

Answer 2 (from @chogall ): It works, but why? Leeds is made from finished leather with a protective top coat AFAIK. If the shoes are made out of some unfinished leather/crust leather, it could help.

On the other hand, the effectiveness of water protector really depends on the severity of rain fall expected. They were absolutely useless in monsoons.

I would worry more about the rain if its leather sole; works in light rain, but water will sip into the insole if its heavy enough.
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