@nicelynice and I had what I'd happily call a great day today, and I imagine I should share some of the photos we took. We'll cover more of this later in dedicated articles, but this should give you a taste of what to expect.

First thing we did was head to Cafeé Kitsuneé, which is indeed affiliated with the clothing store, to grab a drink. Alex was fresh off an overnight train, so his presence - not to mention ability to act as a translator - was pretty damn impressive. Anyway, after some caffeine, we walked the five minutes to Ring Jacket for an interview and some photos. The Ring Jacket store is a very pleasant space to be in. Roomy, airy, with the most gracious hosts. We sat down in their meeting room and talked about history, tradition, and trend; as well as the brand itself. Then we took a bunch of photos. I told Alex ( @nicelynice ) that every time I'm around tailored clothing, I'm always tempted to wear it. Then I put on a collared shirt and realize it could never happen. Anyway, we'll definitely have more to share later, once we transcribe the interview and I've gotten some sleep, but it was a great start to the day. Here's the proof:

Lunchtime over, we took ourselves to Petrosolaum, which Alex will tell you more about in the future. The lowdown is: beautiful and interesting shoes handmade in Japan, with Japanese materials. Here's a teaser:

Next, we walked to Jun Hashimoto's brand new (and unfinished) showroom, which is about 5 minutes from my apartment. Jun met us, and we talked a little bit about M_Moria, his own brand...and Alex tried on some clothes.

Bonus Shiba: