Styleforum’s about more than just looking good, and so is life. I like to give gifts that lend themselves to the sharing of experiences, and Father’s Day is a perfect chance to give your dad a gift you’ll both enjoy. We had a ton of fun working with to come up with a great selection of gifts for every kind of dad, so dig in. Whether it’s a fly-fishing starter pack, a couple of whiskey glasses to go with that special bottle of scotch you found, or a gadget that’ll get dad the most out of his quiet time, the best gifts keep on giving. And hey, if you happen to snag something for yourself along the way, so much the better.

Here are just a few of our picks from the Styleforum x Huckberry Father's Day shop. Head over to Huckberry to see the whole collection!

Drinkin’ Stuff:

Because nothing says Father’s Day like sharing a fine libation.

Whiskey for Two

Two whiskey glasses plus six whiskey stones equals one perfect excuse for a pair of generous pours after a long day.

Cocktail Mixing Kit

No more mixing drinks in chipped mugs. Whether dad is making a single cocktail or a pitcher to share with the table, he’ll love the way this classic kit looks - almost as much as he’ll love the drinks he makes with it.

Copper Flask

A perfect go-anywhere flask with more character than the stainless steel ones they shill at the mall. Stick it in your dad’s chest pocket, fishing vest or backpack, and enjoy the campfire life together.

Outdoor Stuff:

Whether dad’s a seasoned woodsman or needs to get off the couch, here are some picks that everyone can enjoy.

Dino Bone Knife

I guarantee dad wants one, even if he doesn’t know it yet. Dinosaur bones? How cool is that?

Woodman's Pal

Perfect for when dad feels the need for some alone time - and gets up at five to clear brush from the sugar orchard.

Suunto Sport Watch

Usable, brag-able technology. Dad’ll love it.

Travelin’ Stuff

If your dad’s been traveling with the same company kit he’s had for fifteen years, help him make leaving on a jet plane fun again.

Karas Kustoms "Retrakt"

Back in dad’s day, things were built to last. That included pens - and this one will go for miles.

Carter Weekender

Who puts rolling luggage in the back of a car? Nothing feels cooler than carrying a leather weekender, and mom will get a kick out of dad’s new groove.

Bellroy Wallet

No one needs to keep ten years of receipts. The Bellroy hide-and-seek is just the thing to help dad slim down his back pocket.

Dapper Stuff (that Mom’ll like):

Not everything has to be peat smoke and wilderness - pass your dad a gift from this list and mom’ll thank you.

Best of Baxter

Good smelling and well-groomed? Yeah, mom’ll love this one for sure.

Chicago Comb Co.

This stainless steel comb goes perfectly in a pocket, dopp kit, or loose in a drawer - and dad’ll never break a comb tooth again.

Juniper Ridge Cologne

Whatever it is that dad’s been wearing for the last twenty years, mom will probably appreciate a change for the fresher. Plus, smelling like cedar and winter never goes out of style.