From the editor:

I’m exceedingly proud - borderline honored - to present Styleforum’s very first newsletter. Well, we’re calling our newsletter the “Styleforum Brief,” because a few of us were tossing around names and after reading “briefs” everyone immediately thought of a stylized pair of tighty-whities - which you can see above. It turns out we’re all juvenile enough to find that entertaining.

Forums are tricky things; capricious and unwieldy. We’ve never felt the need to direct your interest - we do, however, wish to expand it. The world is full of beauty, and The Brief is a way for us to expose you to all sorts of wondrous new subjects - it also gives us the opportunity to display the improbable range and talent of our writers, some of whom we frankly can’t believe have agreed to contribute. Our inaugural issue heralds the long-awaited return of Professor Fabulous; it also includes tips on how to get what you really want for the holidays - and on how to survive them. We think that you’ll be as pleased with the new venture as we are, and as always, we hope you’ll join the conversation.

- Jasper Lipton, Editor-in-Chief


Professor Fabulous’ Guide to Buying a Weekender
By Professor Fabulous

Going somewhere this winter? Not quite fabulous enough to have a retinue of manservants to carry your matched luggage? Learn how to pick out a weekender that will make any airline think twice about forcing you to “gate check.”

How to Dress For and Survive the Holidays
By Jasper Lipton

Someday, the sun will explode and reduce our solar system to nothingness. Since this will not happen in time to cancel your visit to the in-laws’, there’s a good chance you’re going to have to navigate some uncomfortable situations.

How to Get the Gifts You Really Want
By Pete Anderson

In 1998, Pete received tube socks, three-in-a-pack, for Christmas. He wrote this guide to help you - and anyone else who has ever also found tube socks and/or a zen garden in their stocking - avoid the need to feign enthusiasm in the face of crushing disappointment.