Letter From the Editor:

Father’s day is upon us, and for a lot of guys, dad is the hardest person to shop for. Thankfully, Styleforum is here to help. This month, Jason Francis walks you through how to pick the perfect bottle of Scotch to give to dad. Not a whisky fan? No worries! We’ve teamed up with huckberry.com to make sure you can find the perfect gift, no matter dad’s tastes. Plus, read about Styleforum’s summer travel plans - Italy and Japan beckon, and we rise to the call.

Thing is, Dear Reader, Father’s Day might be a tough day for you, the same way that Mother’s Day can be a tough day. Whoever you are, whatever your circumstances, don’t forget to take care of yourself this spring. Whether that means going fishing and enjoying a drink with your dad, taking your kids to the zoo, or giving yourself a gift from our sweet Huckberry gift guide - or from one of our wonderful affiliates, it’s up to you. But most of all, you do you, Styleforum. We’ll help you look good while doing it.

—Jasper Lipton, Editor-in-Chief


The Scotch-Buyers Guide: 4 Tips to Find the Perfect Bottle for Dad
By Jason Francis

Buying the perfect bottle of Scotch doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Here’s some excellent information - and some easy tips - that will help you find a bottle that your dad will love. The hardest part? Convincing him to share.

Featured this month:

The Huckberry x Styleforum Father’s Day Gift Guide

We teamed up with Huckberry.com to pick a great selection of gifts for every kind of dad, so dig in. Whether it’s a fly-fishing starter pack, a couple of whiskey glasses to go with that special bottle of scotch, or a gadget that’ll get dad the most out of his quiet time, the best gifts keep on giving.

Fok’s Gift Guide for Dads Who Refuse to Grow Up
By Fok-Yan Leung

Some dads are determined to act like children for as long as they can. If that sounds like your dad - or if it sounds like you - Fok’s got a few toys to share. Hey, we’re not judging.

It’s Peacock Time!
By David Isle

Don’t forget that Pitti Uomo 88 runs from June 16-19! Styleforum will be providing daily coverage (read: pictures, articles, and snark) from the world’s largest menswear trade-show, so be sure to tune in and subscribe to the #Pitti88 tag. To whet your appetite, here’s the weirdest stuff that David saw at the last (pea)cock-fest.

Forum News:

Styleforum In Japan

For the first time ever, Styleforum is headed to Japan! Tune in from June 9-16th for fashion, food, and lifestyle misadventures straight from Tokyo. We might even find a giant robot or two. Prepare by reading the thread, browsing our special Japan Issue, then subscribe to the #StyFoJapan tag and catch every update.

The Styleforum x Thurston Bros. x Vanson Slim-Fit Double-Rider

The Styleforum x Thurston Bros. x Vanson "Daredevil" Slim-Fit Double-Rider

We take great pride in Styleforum’s ability to put together Group Made To Order (GMTO) products. We even have a whole forum devoted to it! Our latest triumph is this beauty of a double rider jacket, made by the world-famous Vanson Leathers and facilitated by the inimitable Thurston Bros. of Seattle.

This Month’s Hot Threads:

The Official Sales Alert Thread

It’s no surprise that this is one of our most popular thread. Here, you’ll find all of the most recent information on the best sales from around the world. Coupon codes, seasonal sales - make sure you subscribe to this one, and score a deal for dad (or for yourself).

Discuss Furniture Design

Discuss Furniture Design

If you think your self-described “good taste” extends to more than just fine clothing, test yourself with our “Cool Furniture, Objects, and Design” thread - the best place to ogle the stuff you want for your dream home.

Streetwear & Denim’s “What Are You Wearing Today?” Discussion

Last month, we featured the Classic Menswear variant of the ever-popular “What Are You Wearing Today” thread. This month, take a look at Streetwear & Denim’s take on the very same. Want to look cool in a leather jacket? Need help styling those new boots? Dive in, but don’t blame us when you can’t climb back out.

The Carmina Thread

This Spanish shoemaker is one of the most popular brands on the forum. Great products (for men and women!) combined with great prices - which are offered by a few of our affiliate vendors - make Carmina a perfect option for anyone looking to improve (or just pad) their shoe collection. Don’t forget to check out the jodhpur boots!

Carmina shoes are available from our friends at Skoaktiebolaget, Leatherfoot, Gentlemen’s Footwear, Oakroom, and The Armoury

Just For You:

This beautiful Ffixxed woven jacket, from new affiliate Suspension Point, combines eye-catching design with a wonderful texture. A truly unique piece for the discerning enthusiast. Available at Suspensionpoint.ca