It’s well and truly wedding season, and our seasoned writers (some of whom are even married) have a few tips on how to succeed at not making a fool of yourself at the ceremony and after - unless that’s your goal, of course, in which case carry on.

Honorary newlywed Ben P has a host of tips that apply to grooms, groomsmen, and wedding-bound guys in general; David has some choice words on why you should do your best to look nice no matter what the dress code says; and Fok breaks down what, exactly, you should put on your body to prepare it for nuptials (and dancing, and the - hopefully - open bar). More questions? Subscribe to our Official Wedding Questions thread and get the best help the internet has to offer.

Check our primers (scroll down!) for more than you ever wanted to know about how to attend a wedding (or get hitched) in style - did you know that “wedding ties” are a real - and important - thing? No? You’re welcome. And whatever you do, don’t forget to dance with the children and grandparents.

Jasper Lipton, Editor-in-Chief

The Headliner

What I learned from my own wedding day, and how it can help you.
By Ben P.

Getting married? Need to know what to do at a wedding? Ben P most certainly did look nice at his own occasion, and he came back with some great advice.

Featured this Month

Look Nice, Dammit: Why you should care - and why you should look your best at every wedding
By David Isle

You think you’re quirky? You think you’re special? Think again. If you don’t want to look back on those wedding photos and cringe, you’d better read this before you make a huge mistake.

Help! I need a suit!
By Fok-Yan Leung

Just what you need. Fok has some solid recommendations for men who just want to follow David’s advice and look damn good when it’s wedding season.

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