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After a week light on sleep and heavy on traditional Florentine bistecca, we’re relieved to bring you a post-game report of what went on at Pitti Uomo. There’s a lot to see, and a lot to take in - it’s similar to panning for gold, except instead of pebbles you’ve got unstructured sports coats.

Pitti is, in many ways, a dowsing rod for the industry. It might be exaggerated and not entirely trustworthy, but it is a canny marketplace. Our goal is to tell you what you want to know - where styles are coming from, and where they are headed.

The headliner this month is an exploration of what it really means to be Made in Italy - a label that is more shadowy than you may have known. Fok explores the current state of Americana in men’s clothing, Professor Fabulous tells you where to shop for perfume in Florence, and the enduring phenomenon of the knit blazer is examined. Finally, Fok knows coats - and has picked out one that will make you look great, whether you’re at Pitti or in Pittsburgh.

- Jasper Lipton, Editor-in-Chief

The Headliner

The Truth Behind What it Means to be Made in Italy
By David Isle

Do you know where your clothing comes from? Do you know why you pay more for a label that says “Made in Italy?” There’s more to it than you may think, and the truth may surprise you.

Featured This Month

The Current State of Americana
By Fok-yan Leung

“Americana” is a nebulous category of clothing. Since the trend peaked in the mid-00’s, the best brands have learned how to re-interpret it and keep it contemporary - which means you no longer have to dress like a lumberjack to feel cool.

Fragrance Picks for a Weekend in Florence
By Professor Fabulous

There’s more to Pitti than looking the part - and there’s more to being stylish than wearing a fancy suit. This month, Professor Fabulous tells you how to smell just as good as you look while you’re enjoying a stroll along the Arno.

Knit Blazers: What Even Are They?
By Jasper Lipton

It’s an oft-posed question. Some love them, some hate them, but Pitti has a long history of knit blazers, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

Fok’s Pitti Pick: Wear Coat, Get Blogged
By Fok-yan Leung

Fok, Styleforum’s beloved manager, has been around the block. He’s seen enough to know a gem when he sees one. Should you ever find yourself attending the winter session of Pitti Uomo, he has a product pick for you.

This Month’s Featured Thread: Viberg Boots x Styleforum Made-to-Order

Styleforum is a constant source of exclusive make-ups and collaborations with some of the best makers in the world. One of our regular partners is Viberg boots - and this picture is from one of our latest group efforts. Make sure that you sign up for Styleforum so that you don’t miss out on the next unique model!

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