by Huckbery

Styleforum’s about more than just looking good, and so is life — so we sat down with Huckberry to put together a great selection of clothing, gear, and accessories that'll help you do just that (look good). Whether you're buying for yourself or just being a really good friend, the Styleforum shop on Huckberry has you covered. Click the banner to shop the full sale, or read our top picks.

City gear

Mission Workshop Vandal

Bombproof, stylish, and perfect for your commute - whether you’re walking, biking, or taking a plane. Functional minimalism doesn’t get much better than this.

Golden Bear Varsity Jacket

Perfect for a chilly morning at the coffee shop or a crisp afternoon at the bar - a varsity jacket’s got enough swagger to stand up to your favorite jeans, and looks equally rad with slim trousers.

Country gear

Apolis Quilted Blazer

A quilted blazer is one of the greatest pieces of clothing a man can own: you look great, and you’re as comfy as if you were in your favorite puffer jacket. Wear it with faded denim and some slim boots, and never look back.

Apolis Black-Indigo Chore Jacket

A sharp cut, great fabric, and those killer pockets with plenty of room for a pair of gloves make this chore coat perfect for autumn walks, plane trips - or first dates. The exclusive indigo fabric has been hit with a deep, rich overdye that'll make the incredible texture of the wool stand out all the more.

Tellason Slim Straight

A pair of slim-straight jeans will stack oh-so-nicely on top of a pair of heavy boots, and the 16.oz denim that Tellason uses for this pair is on the comfortable side of heavy. Wear them hard all winter long and they’ll be a great shade of faded blue in time for spring.

Filson Tin Cloth Duffel

If you’re throwing a weekender in the back of a car this winter and heading off to parts unknown, you want something that’s going to handle whatever the weather sends your way.

Thorogood Beloit

Horween Chromexcel leather? Check. Goodyear welt? Check. One bad-ass boot? You got it.


Otto Bamboo Fan

Are you sick of plastic box fans? Who isn’t? You owe your home office this much, at least.

Malouf Lavender Pillow

Because there’s no better gift than a good night’s rest.

Pendleton Journey West Blanket

Pendleton has been weaving beautiful blankets and wools for 150 years, and this robe-sized example is a wonderful - and warm - tribute to the journey West.

American Trench Merino/Cashmere Socks

In the dark of winter, it’s the little things that bring the light - like pulling on a pair of luxurious cashmere before stuffing your feet back into your favorite boots.

Glerups Slip-on

One of the best parts of winter is getting out in it - and then getting back inside and cozying up. Treat your feet right with these comfy slip-ons, and they’ll finally feel the love they deserve.


Izola 4-in-1 Bar Tool

Everything you need, and nothing you don’t. Keep one in a kitchen drawer or with your bar, and you’ll never be caught unawares.

Jack Rudy Bar Kit

Having the right tools for the job makes drink-mixing even more fun, and you’ll never get sick of stirring when you have the perfect bar spoon on hand.

W and P Design Flask

You’re a man of character, and your booze-holder should reflect that. Forego the standard steel flask and share - or don’t - your favorite libation in style.

Huckberry Moscow Mule Mugs

They’re not just for mules. Any long drink, be it toddy or punch or just some (spiked) cider will look and taste great in these beautiful copper mugs.


Klhip Ultimate Clipper

If you’re tired of flimsy little drug-store trimmers that go dull and don’t cut where you want, then it’s time to step your game up. Besides, this titanium tool looks so good that no one will mind if you leave it next to the sink.

Baxter of California Pomade

Modern pomades - like this one from Baxter - are the bee’s knees of hair-stuff. Not gunky, not greasy - just lightweight, pliable hold that’s as ready for anything as you are.

Ursa Major Essential Face Tonic

Treat yourself right. A quality face-wash will leave you looking and feeling bright, refreshed, and ready for the day. And as an added bonus, your skin will thank you every time you shave.

Baxter of California Shave Kit

This kit comes with everything you need to take shaving from "daily duty" to daily luxury.

Small gifts / Stocking Stuffers

Studebaker Brass Cuff

This slim, masculine piece of jewelry manages to look great without being flashy, and the slim silhouette and solid brass will look great with denim or with a suit. A perfect stocking stuffer for you - or for the man in your life.

Ridge Wallet Aluminum Money Clip

A card-holder that doesn’t bend, and has a devoted money-clip? Say goodbye to cluttered wallets - this baby’s gonna change your back pocket forever.

Opinel Corkscrew Folding Knife

This beauty’s a classic - and it’s a looker, too. Wear it on your belt while your walking your vines (or your favorite trail), and it’s the perfect tool for any impromptu picnic.