Autumn, especially mid-autumn (when the temperatures dip), is the best time of year for guys who like clothes. Light jackets are perfect for sunny fall days, while a chunky knit takes the chill out of rapidly-cooling evenings. The former's currently on our mind, and so we asked some of the forum's best-known members to chip in with their favorite jacket pick for fall. With sales season on its way, make your list now - or buy early and make sure your favorite doesn't sell out - because we've got some drool-worthy pieces to fit every budget.

Gus Walbolt / @GusW says:

Gimo's Goatskin Suede Blazer Jacket - Khaki's of Carmel, $1995

"Gimo’s is an Italian family-run workshop founded in 1968 that specializes in the production of leather garments. This is my favorite because it offers a blazer-like look that can blend with fine trousers and a dress shirt or jeans and a t-shirt. To me, a suede jacket is ideal for business casual, travel or an evening out on the town. It is made from lightweight goat suede, is half lined, has working buttoned sleeves and a zippered chest pocket. The price is $1995 from Khaki’s of Carmel. If you would like to purchase one for yourself, inquire with owner Jim Ockert at [email protected]."

Jasper Lipton / @Synthese says:

Buzz Rickson x William Gibson MA-1 - Rakuten/History Preservation, ~$480

"The current object of my fantasies and obsessions is the famous William Gibson-edition of Buzz Rickson’s MA-1. Famous, because Gibson more or less dreamed it into existence (rad), and also because it’s just about the most accurate reproduction of the original 50’s garment you can buy. The story of how it came to being is by now internet lore, but the Gibson MA-1 has other charms to speak on its behalf. The first is that it looks, frankly, silly. Most men aren’t used to a true reproduction-cut MA-1, and don’t get how ridiculously puffy and un-slim even the "tailored" version is. I find that endearing. It’s also absurdly heavy, absurdly detailed, and absurdly precise in every aspect of its execution - a true love letter to obsessive manufacturing processes. And it's black (Gibson's contribution), which will give you a little anonymity when you find yourself on the run from spooks and/or advertising moguls, and which will also make you every-so-slightly cyberpunk cool, even if you're not. Of course, I want the extra-long slim cut version (also Gibson's contribution) rather than the original, but that’s unimportant. It's available at a few places - there are many sellers on Rakuten (1, 2 - or do your own search), and for domestic options you can get one at History Preservation."

Alex Scharf / @nicelynice says:

Abasi Rosborough Camel Wool Coat - H. Lorenzo, $2,189

"I ask myself two questions when contemplating a clothing purchase: 1) do I look cool? 2) am I super comfy? The first checkbox is, surprisingly, a lot easier to hit than the latter - I try on a lot of clothing that looks great in a WAYWT pose but doesn't hold up to the rigors of, y'know, moving around. Abasi Rosborough frequently hits the sweet spot between the two. A cross between a bath robe and a Jedi robe, the modern design is grounded in a classic camel color. Jersey underarm and back panels allow free range of movement, a detail critically lacking in most outerwear. It's not worth suffering for fashion, except for...

Lewis Leathers Cyclone tight-fit, black calf - Arknets, ~$1,360

"...a really sick leather jacket. As far as I'm concerned, no traditional leather jacket maker can match the fit of a slim-fit Lewis Leathers model. A black calf Cyclone is a timeless jacket, something I'm pretty convinced would look good on just about every StyleForum member, regardless of their wardrobe. I'd wear it to work over a button-up and dress pants and throw it on for a weekend outing with a t-shirt and sneakers. I'm scrolling through WAYWT right now and can't find a single fit that wouldn't be improved with this jacket - even the dude on the beach. The sought-after jackets sell out quickly. Take a look at Brad Tiller's article on how to buy direct from Japan and get in line."

Mitch Moss / @mossrockss says:

Barbour Liddesdale - Orvis, $199

"Unless you live in frozen Minnesota, where trick-or-treaters don parkas over their costumes and snow piles in parking lots still melt as late as Memorial Day, a lightweight jacket can carry you far in autumn and winter. If you wear tailored jackets, that’s often all you need (plus perhaps a scarf). But when temperatures dip, you’ll need a jacket long enough to hide your hem. Enter: Barbour’s Liddesdale. It complements tailoring in the countrywear spectrum best, coming in colors versatile enough to live in any wardrobe (my favorite: olive). When you aren’t sporting tailoring, give the shorter Chelsea (or BB Red Fleece’s more fitted simulacrum) consideration."

Jack Christie / @spacepope says:

Kazuyuki Kumagai Attachment Wool/Cashmere Coat - Attachment, ~$450

"Kazuyuki Kumagai produces some of the most consistent collections out there––every season I see at least a few pieces I want, and like Colt 45, it works… every time. Construction is exceptional, fabrics are ~luxe~, and the pieces are versatile enough to fit a variety of styles. This coat has been on my wish list since the FW lookbook dropped. It straddles the line between my two big clothing fantasies––intergalactic prince and desert nomad––without being too dramatic or costumey. Distinctive, but not overwhelmingly so. Which is what you want when you're smuggling petrified progenitor bio-artifacts out of the gravity well."

Ed. Note: need a tip on buying straight from Attachment? Click here to find out how.

Erik Mannby / @EFV says:

Alpha Industries M-65 Field Jacket - Alpha Industries, $180

"Finding myself drifting further into the slightly grey area of menswear that I like to call "classic casual" (see the "CM casual WAYWRN" for examples), I've really taken to the field jacket. Just like another favorite of mine, the safari jacket, it is made for practical wear. I spend a lot of time outdoors, but still like to keep my jackets compatible with the rest of my wardrobe. That's where the field jacket comes into play.

One of the most iconic jackets, now a casual classic, the field jacket (specifically, the M-65) found its way into many men's wardrobes after the Vietnam war. Much like other garments with a military history (like chinos, duffle coats et c), the field jacket has been interpreted and reshaped by various designers, and at times, been worn by people adhering to different style genres and subcultures. It was probably through popular culture that it found its iconic status though. The practical cotton/nylon jacket was worn by movie protagonists like John Rambo in "First Blood" (the first Rambo movie, before the franchise became a parody of itself), and Travis Bickle in "Taxi Driver" + countless other movies.

Due to its layering qualities, its clean design and its heritage, this is a great addition to any man's fall wardrobe. The original M-65 model can be found at Alpha Industries, although there are several versions that can be found through various retailers."

Fok / @LA Guy says:

Buzz Rickson x William Gibson Padded Grosgrain Vest - Rakuten, ~$260

"I resisted wearing vests for many years - even after moving to the Northwestern USA, where they’re the (ubiquitous) transitional outerwear of choice. Eventually, the convenience became too hard to resist. Now I find them perfect for the beginning of fall, when temperatures start to dip in the evening but a jacket would make me uncomfortably warm during the day. I’ve even taken to wearing one over or under a leather jacket when the mercury falls into “frosty, but not freezing.”

A lot of technical vests are made with very thin nylon, nearly like taffeta. You’ll often read that such fabrics are 'very strong for their weight,' but when the entire garment weighs just a few ounces and the fabric is gossamer thin, it’s cold comfort - and I prefer to be in a warm garment. Enter Buzz Rickson’s, a company which typically makes reproduction military garments, but also happens to understand my need for both warmth and utility. And in their “William Gibson line,” originally inspired by a fictional MA-1 (see Jasper’s pick) worn by Cayce Pollard, the protagonist in in Gibson’s Pattern Recognition, they’re free to take some liberties with their work.

So yeah - reproductions of fictional military garments? Sign me up. This fall’s vest is made of a sturdy cotton twill with polyester insulation and a wool collar for those particularly chilly evenings. I’ll get three season’s use out of it. And hurray - with the dollar so strong at the moment, buying from Japan isn’t prohibitively expensive."