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$1K is rather arbitrary, but you do have to have some monetary basis for discussion. Heck, many of these watches are well below that ceiling, and you could even grab more than one! #ENABLER

Just as personal preference, I did not list any micro-brands, although many of them are excellent values. I also favor automatics, but not exclusively.

Also note: pics are not mine, just some cool watch photos ripped from the web, so all credit goes to the original photographers/posters.

So here we go....in no particular order....

1.) Seiko SNZH53 - about $150 (Amazon). The Sumo and 007 are already mentioned here, and honestly you could just list 5 different Seiko divers and have quite a legitimate entry. They make some great pieces, with solid (in-house) movements, and I have an Orange Monster that gets plenty of wrist time. But I'm actually going to suggest this blue-dialed beauty, sized at 42mm, with an acrylic bezel insert. A lot of guys modify this watch, but I say it has plenty of "diver's swag" as-is. It's depth-rated to 330 ft. for those blistering days at your local water park. Sold on bracelet, but looks great on different strap options.

2.) Hamilton Khaki Officer - about $700 (Overstock) This one is a big-boy 44mm, a solid piece with an easy to grasp crown, riveted strap, and a great instant-patina look. The black dialed version comes with a nice rust-colored suede strap, but I might personally opt for the tan/bronze dial to switch things up. Both are pretty sweet. Hamilton is now part of Swatch group, but it is a well-respected American brand with true military heritage. I handled one of these at a local AD a couple months ago, and came away impressed.

3.) Citizen Nighthawk - about $275 (Amazon) - There's a reason this one is oft-recommended on the watch forums. Great bracelet, super BLUE lume to light up your...um...cockpit...and 24 hr. functionality courtesy of two little planes (!) that circle the dial. The rotating E6B flight computer bezel is realistically not going to see much use, but it does offers some visual interest and more....attitude.

4.) Victorinox Infantry Alliance - $695 (Princeton Watches) Putting this one out there as a modern "field watch" option. I like the silver dial with greenish lume, and the wearable 40mm size. A stitched strap may not be for everyone, but I dig it and the quality is pretty good on this one. Watch Time magazine recently reviewed this and gave it an unfair, lukewarm 74. They were way too harsh on the 'basic' ETA movement and the polished bezel. (Those aren't bugs, they're features! LOL). I really believe this watch would also be appropriate for most any business casual office.

5.) Seiko SNDA65 - about $125 (Amazon) Last, but not least! Yes, another Seiko-- but pretty much a steal given that it's a quartz movement. As they say, everybody needs at least one grab-and-go watch, right? It's got that hip, murdered-out black PVD vibe. This one is 43 mm, and boasts a 1/20 second chronograph, which means that the top sub-dial whizzes like a demon when it's engaged (see video below). This would look killer on a NATO/Zulu with an orange stripe, or even better on a green canvas strap for some texture and contrast.

This list is taken from a thread detailing member selections of the "Top 5 Sport Watches Under $1000." To see all the lists, and the original post, please follow this link.