Perfect for chilly or transitional weather, one (or two) of these jackets will have you ready for whatever the rest of autumn throws your way.

Mitchel Moss / @mossrockss :

Grey Herringbone Tweed Field Jacket - Eidos Napoli, $965

Maybe I’m phoning it in a bit to pick another Eidos piece, but it’s no secret I’m a superfan of Antonio’s work. And let’s be honest, this is a piece anybody can get behind. While I was writing this gift guide, I showed this coat to my dad, who wears bright orange technical puffer jackets and dreams of climbing Everest, and he said “Now that’s something even I would wear.”

Available at No Man Walks Alone

Pete Anderson / @shoreman1782 :

Detachable Fur Overcoat - Ovadia and Sons, $1595

A few years ago, everyone was seeking the perfect slim fit peacoat. (The answer, if I remember correctly, is the Hare Japan peacoat). A slim peacoat is flattering, sure, but it’s so unassuming it fades into the background. A coat should have some volume and a collar with backbone, that stands up for itself. The Ovadia and Sons’ removable karakul (sheep) fur collar overcoat is gray as hell but the collar gives it some personality, a little Teddy Boy flair. Wear with stovepipe denim and creepers for Edwardiest effect.

Available at Gentry NYC

Gerry Nelson / @Gerry Nelson :

Brown Goat Suede A-1 Jacket - Valstar, ~$980

The A-1 jacket is casual enough to be worn with jeans but can also pair well with casual trousers in flannel or moleskin. Wear one in spring with white jeans together with a nice wool-silk scarf and and look like a boss. I think this is one item that should be in nearly everyone's wardrobe. Get the sizing right though - they should feel a little snug. Valstar make these in a number of different fabrics and the dark brown suede version is on my wishlist.

Available at Exquisite Trimmings

Fok / @LA Guy :

Shearling-trimmed bomber jacket - Schott, $895

This winter, the battle for the leather jacket du jour is being fought between the MC-style rider or bomber jacket, and shearling jackets - be they Joe Namath-style coats, bombers, or well, shearling versions of the MC jackets.

I’ve already called the fight. It’s shearling for the win. There are tons of options, but my choice is from this one from the reasonably priced, quintessentially American brand Schott, to which the shearling detail gives a "Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront" feel.

Available at Mr. Porter

Erik Mannby / @EFV :

Double-breasted Wool Coat - G.abo Napoli, ~$1150

A double breasted coat is always a good idea. In my humble opinion, there are few garments made for cold weather that will simultaneously keep you as warm and sharp-looking at the same time. On the other hand, even though I appreciate a classic double breasted navy coat, most of my wardrobe is not conservative enough to look optimal when paired with it. Throw in patch pockets (damn I love patch pockets), and you've got something else entirely. Some would probably argue that this coat is neither fish nor fowl, but to me it's just right:

Available at Spiga3

Jasper Lipton /@Synthese :

Patchwork Sashiko Coverall - Blue Blue Japan, ~$490

I could put together an entire gift guide comprised entirely of Blue Blue Japan products. Easily. It would take me all of maybe two minutes. I won't though, because I love to push myself.

Except that I really want this SICK sashiko chore jacket, to match the full-length version I already have that I wear every day anyway. I don't even feel bad about it, because 1) it's gorgeous; 2) Blue Blue Japan goes with EVERYTHING, including but not limited to: more things that are blue, things that are not blue, and fancy designer duds; and 3) see point (1). Plus, sashiko does this really cool thing where it molds to your body, kinda like denim or leather, and becomes like a second skin, if your skin were dyed a rich, gorgeous indigo. Also: sick fades, bruh. Screw your friends - do yourself a favor and buy this for yourself this winter. You won't regret it.

Available via email order at Seilin Online Shop (Seriously, just email them and you'll have the jacket like 3 days later)


Quilted Indigo Chore Blouson - Shockoe Atelier, $875

Shockoe Atelier was one of the brands I was most excited to see at The Proper Kit, and their offerings didn't disappoint - they seemed to be universally loved by guests and vendors alike. Shockoe offers a killer blend of Italian tailoring and Japanese streetwear and denim, and the cuts (and my god, the fabrics!) are stellar. Alongside wool car coats, they have pieces like this: a blanket lined, indigo-dyed quilted chore jacket that's kind of like the Pitti Uomo version of the jacket I've listed above. Soft, comfortable, and utterly cool - and done in a beautiful shade of indigo. It's a great spin on a classic, and is going to look good with just about everything you can think to wear it with this winter.

Available at Shockoe Atelier

Gus Walbolt / @GusW :

Navy Quilted Blazer - Paul Stuart, $697

For outerwear with a casual tailored look, my favorite is this quilted wool blazer from Paul Stuart. The Loro Piana rain system protects you from the elements, while the zip front inner gilet keeps out a cold breeze.

Available at Paul Stuart