Looking to stay warm in style? Look no further. We've got knitwear picks for every budget - and each one is guaranteed to make all the patrons at your local artsy coffee shop incredibly jealous. Just don't blame us when people ask to touch you.

Gerry Nelson / @Gerry Nelson :

Shawl-collar lambswool cardigan - Scott & Charters, $395

This shawl-collared cardigan is knitwear that functions as outerwear. I'd love to get this because the color is beautiful, and Scott & Charters make beautiful knitwear. You'll be able to wear this for many years to come, and you'll look good every time. Wear it over a flannel shirt with some denim and suede chukka boots and you have a wonderful casual fall outfit.

Available at No Man Walks Alone

Pete Anderson / @shoreman1782 :

Navy Merino Turtleneck - Berg and Berg, $89.60

“Turtleneck” is an off-putting word. Nothing with an “urtle” kind of sound can be taken seriously. Not girdles; not Urkels. So call it a rollneck. It’s a perfect sweater to layer. I like textured-knit and otherwise decorated rollnecks, too, but a plain knit is easier to wear with sportcoats or even other knits. Berg and Berg’s is an excellent value at under $100.

Available at Berg and Berg

Fok / @LA Guy :

Bird sweater - Yohji Yamamoto, $880

When Styleforum was in its infancy, I did some work with a designer who used a lot of discharge dyes, the process by which layers of the original color are actually stripped from the garment (don’t try this at home without great ventilation, people). The result is a garment that often looks a little like a photo negative - and tends towards a somber, muted, tone. Yohji Yamamoto is a master designer by any standard, one of the all-time greats in menswear, and perhaps rightfully considered the father of Japanese fashion. This sweater from the AW15 collection, featuring pictures of a pair of birds in what appears to be a discharge dyed brushstroke painting, is an example of masterful simplicity. It has the same tone of deep silence that characterizes much of his work - but at the same time, you can just wear it.


Available at The Corner

"Bull's Wool" Gansey Sweater - Inis Meain, $355

A full season ago, one of our most eloquent and drunk members wrote a post about the manliness of “bull’s wool” (link here). I don’t know about all of that, hilarious though it was, but I will endorse the sweater than inspired the words.

Available at No Man Walks Alone

Alex Scharf / @nicelynice :

Grey Fisherman's Jacket - S.N.S Herning, $245

I first purchased an S.N.S. Herning piece back in fall of 2010, more than five years ago. Incredibly enough, it still looks as nice today as it did when I bought it. I don't know what kind of voodoo magic they weave into the wool up in Denmark, but these sweaters just don't pill! The Stark is a StyleForum classic, and for good reason, but the zippered Fisherman is an overlooked gem. I wear mine unzipped in the cool early days of fall, and as winter approaches, I layer it under a thick coat and zip up the neck to keep out the cold. At work, I've gotten exactly one compliment on any of my clothes: "nice sweater."


Available at End Clothing

Erik Mannby / @EFV :

Mock-Neck Lambswool Cardigan in Navy - Alan Paine, ~$240

The Classic Menswear side of Styleforum is often pre-occupied with the distinction between city and country wear, casual and formal wear. Cardigans, just like blazers and trousers, can move along this scale. But the chunky cardigan exists firmly on the casual side of the spectrum. It will never be formal - which is maybe one of the reasons I love it so much. I'm biased towards British knits. Perhaps because of the provenance, or maybe because the Brits have been at it so long that their knit game is rock solid. I have a couple of cardigans from Alan Paine, of both the finely knitted and chunky variety. The quality is splendid, and I often wear my heavy cable-knit instead of sport coats or even jackets.

Available at Alan Paine

Jack Christie / @spacepope :

Cashmere-blend Crew Neck Sweater - Kazuyuki Kumagai Attachment, ~$140

My love for Kazuyuki Kumagai Attachment is eternal and unshakable. I’ve never been disappointed by quality, fabrics, or cut. Sizing is always consistent. Prices are reasonable. This knit is everything I love about the brand and everything I want out of a knit: understated design, cool fabric, raw hems––substantial, but not too substantial. The ideal mid-layer knit.

Available at Mercury Japan. For ordering instructions, read this article!

Gus Walbolt / @GusW :

Purple Scottish Cashmere Polo-Neck Sweater - A Suitable Wardrobe, $620

I find that polo neck sweaters give me a dressier option than my usual crew or V-neck knitwear, especially when worn without a dress shirt. And the buttoned-up collar looks especially smart under a jacket or vest. In dark, solid colors it’s been a staple with suits for such fashionable gentlemen as Miles Davis, Charlie Watts and Bryan Ferry. Adding a bit of color, like this Scottish cashmere, gives you the ideal knitwear with flannels or corduroys for holiday parties, weekends and get-aways.

Available at A Suitable Wardrobe

Jasper Lipton / @Synthese :

Ingido-dyed Waffle-Knit Sweater - Blue Blue Japan

I thought long and hard about trying to pick something that wasn't blue. But I mean - why fight it? Look at this thing. It's so good. It's the waffle sweater every waffle sweater wishes it were. Blue Blue Japan products - which, incidentally, are some of my favorite - have the most incredibly rich indigo tones that have to be seen in person to be really appreciated. Their dye-jobs are second to none, and the fit is a perfect slouchy-casual that looks great under a quilted (indigo) vest, a (indigo) sport jacket, or even a long (indigo) coat. And that contrast pocket? Mmm-mm. Wear more indigo. It's good for you.

Available at Mr. Porter

Mitchell Moss / @mossrockss :

Marled Grey Turtleneck - Brooks Brothers Red Fleece, $98.50

I think growing up in the ‘90s and early 2000s ruined turtlenecks for me - images of ultra-finely knit, loosely-fitting, generic sweaters in cheap cotton on a man beset with red glasses haunt my dreams. Well, even sometimes I have to be proven wrong. The turtleneck is back (and I am seriously considering a pair of red glasses). This textured one from Red Fleece is a versatile and attractive option.

Available at Brooks Brothers

@Parker :

Navy Cashmere Cable Knit Roll Neck - Scott & Charters, $765

TREAT YO' SELF. Cashmere may be the best remedy for winter gloom. This slim fit Scottish roll neck proves cable knit is not just for WASPs and other crusty old people. Throw on a pair of shades and amble over to your local café for a single origin pour over — or a single malt. This one can go either way.

Available at No Man Walks Alone