From the stand-out to the standby, we've got a shoe for any occasion.

Erik Mannby / @EFV :

Chromexcel Frankenstitch Boot - Carmina, $575

Winter is coming, and winter is boot season. Me, I don't wear balmoral boots. I mean, I would if someone gave me a pair (wink wink Skoaktiebolaget). But I pretty much only buy shoes for their versatility, and since I don't wear conservative business dress on a daily basis, I don't have much need for formal shoes or boots.

Therefore, these new boots from Carmina, in a Frankenstitch getup with and derby lacing, are my ideal shoes at the moment. At a very attractive price point, and with a design that will look great with jeans, moleskin, corduroy or even flannel trousers, they're a safe bet. That is if you, like me, want versatility - and a good bang for your buck.

Available at Skoaktiebolaget

Fok / @LA Guy :

White leather lace-up boots - Guidi, $834

I love light-colored leather footwear. No white after Labor Day? Guilty as charged. How do you keep them clean? You don’t. Guidi is an Italian tannery renown for the usual treatment of its leathers, and in addition to a wonderfully rich lineup of colored leathers, they make a great pair of object-dyed white lace-up boots. If you want to be in my good books, buy me these.

Available via FarFetch

Mitchell Moss / @mossrockss :

Brown Suede Chukka - Christian Kimber x Eidos Napoli, ~$475

I’m putting this list together and it occurs to me that sticking $500 boots on a gift guide is a little bit like that time my wife and I put a giant flat-screen TV on our wedding registry (“But what if someone we know who’s rich decides to magnanimously buy us this!?”). But if you have someone in your life whose style would fit with the aesthetic of these boots, who doesn’t already have a brown suede chukka, and whose foot size you know (*cough* 11D US *cough*), these are pretty awesome.

Available at Christian Kimber

@Parker :

Lizard Embossed Leather Slip On - Vans, $60

Walking a careful line between gaudy and reserved, the classic - and oft-copied - slip-on gets a slight luxury spin with embossed leather and white foxing stripe. Sure, you could buy the fancier Enginered Garments or Saint Laurent versions...

Yeah, no. Go for the SoCal surfer stocking stuffer instead.

Available at Vans

Jasper Lipton / @Synthese :

Field Boots - Guidi & Rosellini, 1,350$

I'm a boot guy. And I like boots that will fit in both with bulky flight jackets or rad, indigo-dyed shop coats (you may have noticed that all my picks are really for myself). These Guidi & Rosellini field boots fit the bill perfectly - they're heavy, masculine, and that awesome undyed leather will darken and crease beautifully with age and wear. Oh, and that Vibram commando sole is going to come in real handy, oh, about a month from now. I'd be happy wearing these with a casentino overcoat or an MA-1 - sometimes, you just can't go wrong.

Available at Idol Brooklyn


Qasa High - Y-3 Yohji Yamamoto, $400

Having a home office is great. But sometimes I need to take a break from writing Destiny fan-fiction (or, you know, working) and go out in public. And if I'm walking a few blocks to the store, or showing off my adorable dogs, I don't always feel like putting on heavy boots. In times of need, having a sneaker that 1) is comfy, 2) looks totally weird, and 3) is not a pair of Nike flyknits is an incredible relief. These ones are a brilliant shade of (you guessed it) blue, have Adidas' cushy tubular sole, and generally look and feel like foot-marshmallows. Sounds tasty, doesn't it?

Available at Revolve Clothing

Gus Walbolt / @GusW :

Kilim Loaders - Res Ipsa, $225

After following these guys on Instagram for a while (and seeing their wares when they came to The Proper Kit), I now need a loafer crafted from hand-knotted vintage Turkish rugs. How perfect with grey flannels and a navy blazer or jeans and a solid cashmere sweater.

Available at Res Ipsa

Jack Christie / @spacepope :

7-hole boot - Individual Sentiments, $1,380

Individual Sentiments has the best boot on the market right now. Yeah, I said it. Built as solid, if not solider as any other artisanal boot (people who don’t read the Artisanal Boot thread, this means it’s a damn good boot), IS boots aren’t as clunky as A1923 or MA+, aren’t as leather-socklike as Guidi, aren’t as expensive as M_Moria. The perfectly bulbous toebox. The perfect height for a boot tuck. That leather! Doubt me? Go out and prove me wrong.

Available at Fascinate. For ordering instructions, read this article!

Gerry Nelson / @Gerry Nelson :

Snuff Suede Chukka Boot - Carmina, $517

Fall and winter are the seasons when textures really come into pla,y and with footwear, my choice would be suede - either snuff or dark brown. The chukka boot is one of the most versatile pieces of footwear you can have in your rotation: they pair well with denim, odd trousers or casual suits. Carmina makes very fine footwear, and this pair is no exception.

Available at Carmina

Pete Anderson / @shoreman1782 :

Suicoke x Beams Ugg-ly sandals, ~$195

Don’t you ******* buy these. I just want you to know they exist.

David Isle / @unbelragazzo :

Faux Wingtip - St. Crispin's, $1,450

It's risky to buy shoes for someone else since it's hard to get the sizing right. But if I had to cut off a toe to make these fit, I would at least strongly consider it.

Available at Skoaktiebolaget