Some say no outfit is complete without a pair of pants.

Mitchell Moss / @mossrockss :

"Sal" Cotton Twill Pants - Eidos, $385

There were a of couple years when I was bent on acquiring more gray wool trousers, because that’s what you do if you’re a StyFo dude! Eventually I realized that all those gray wool pants in my closet weren’t getting worn—I’d reach for chinos every time. Why? Two words: machine washable. I have no clue if these are machine washable, but if they’re cotton, I can guarantee you I will throw them in the washer.

Available at No Man Walks Alone

Fok / @LA Guy :

Black Slim Tapered Denim - 3Sixteen, $230

I need black denim. 3Sixteen is a company run by Andrew and Johan, both good people who contribute to charity, actually care about their customers and their suppliers, and all that good stuff. And, of course, the denim is good and the cuts are solid.

Available at Revolve Clothing

Pete Anderson / @shoreman1782 :

Fleece pants, Beams x Gramicci, ~$120

The cozy boy movement lives on in these fleece jawnz from Beams and Gramicci. They’re cut narrow and the cuffs are banded, Patagonia fleece-style, so you can better show off your Birkenstocks or Wallabees or other charmingly ugly footwear.

Available at Beams

Gus Walbolt / @GusW :

LVC 1947 501XX - Levi's Vintage Clothing, $240

Rinsed so you can buy your actual size, these are the classic selvedge denim straight-leg fit that are trim enough to wear with a jacket and loafers or white t-shirt and sneakers.

Available at Mr. Porter

Cricket White Flannel Trousers - Fox, $500 including VAT

Take 13oz “old money” white flannel woven by Fox (who has been weaving wool along the British coast since 1772), tailor it at a UK maker of military dress uniforms, add side tabs and corozo buttons and you have a classic look that can worn smart or casual. Perfect for your next Pebble Beach car event.

Available at The Merchant Fox

Jasper Lipton / @Synthese :

Century Denim - Kapital, $340

You thought they weren't indigo? Ha ha! Joke's on you! Not only is the denim used for these jeans adorned with indigo sashiko stitching, but the underlying fabric is persimmon-dyed for bonus nerd points. Do you even know what kakishibu is? I guess I just told you, more or less. Trivia night, here we come! Anyway, Kapital makes these jeans in three different cuts, and the one that's on my list is the "Stone" version - which gives you a more modern (read: slimmer) rise and taper than the others. If you're looking for a piece of clothing that is, at its core, a beautiful and fascinating object, put these on your pale little legs and enjoy.

Available at Blue in Green

Jack Christie / @spacepope :

Continuous Lined Pant - IE by Erik Ohrstrom (price upon inquiry)

I’ve been regularly wearing a pair of IE pants for the last year and a half, and between the superb construction, fantastic fabrics (fully lined too!), and ~raw~ ~artisanal~ details I couldn’t be happier. They’re the best pants I’ve ever owned.

Available at Hide-M.

Gerry Nelson / @Gerry Nelson :

Petrol Blue Cotton Trousers - Boglioli, $325

I'd love to get a pair of petrol blue trousers - the shade is lighter than navy - but not too light - and they can still work well with a navy sport coat. Boglioli makes pants that fit "slim, but not tight," and the construction is excellent.

Available at Mr. Porter