Every outfit needs a finishing touch.

Pete Anderson / @shoreman1782 :

Boro Scarf - Put This On, $220

Like everyone on Styleforum, I already own a vintage Japanese textile scarf, or I would be buying this one. It one-ups mine by being lined on the reverse with white silk, which will be like the caress of a really stylish angel on your neck.

[Full disclosure: I write for Put This On but I don’t have any particular influence on the shop. ]

Available at Put This On

Fok / @LA Guy :

Damascus Steel Belt Buckle - Equus Belts, ~$365

I am a belt fanatic. And in the past couple of years, I’ve discovered the joys of bespoke belts. Charlie of Equus belts will make a belt to your specifications - which requires that you exercise a great deal of self-honesty, because you won’t love belt that is too tight. I love his “special projects.” I already have one buckle on hold, waiting for the right leather. The other that I have my eye one is a belt with an acid etched buckle in the famous Damascus steel, each made by a Japanese master knifemaker. How cool is that?

Available at Equus Leather

Mitchell Moss / @mossrockss :

Vintage Pocket Square - Tammis Keefe, $20-$80

Recommending a pocket square on a gift guide under the “accessories” category strikes me as a bit like answering the question “Is the Space Pope reptilian?” Nonetheless, among all the vast (and some half-vast) pocket square collections out there, I find that the ones I most consistently use are those made of linen or cotton. My wife bought me a few Tammis Keefe squares for my birthday a few years ago, and they’ve since become some of my favorites.

Available at Etsy

Jasper Lipton / @Synthese :

Green Canvas "Fat Carter" - La Portegna, ~$680

Full disclosure: José, the owner of La Portegna and an excellent soccer fan (and a great guy), sent me one of these gorgeous bags to test out on some of my own travels a few weeks ago. And since then, my life has changed completely.

Not only can I finally fit my daily carry into a bag without weird bulges, it's actually lighter than the leather messenger I've been carrying for years. With two zipped sections, I can tell you from personal experience that it has enough room for a laptop, tablet, two cameras, a lens, sunglasses, travel wallet, AND a sandwich - and this bag carries it all in style. I wouldn't be afraid to use it as an overnighter, even. It has both briefcase handles and a detachable (leather) shoulder strap that come in very handy in airports and on daily commutes, and the mix of washed green canvas and vegetable-tanned leather looks...incredible. No one has ever complimented me on my choice of bag before - now I can't go anywhere without someone asking me what I'm carrying.

Available at La Portegna

Gus Walbolt / @GusW :

Hornback Alligator BeltW. Kleinberg, $495

American Hornback alligator in a beautiful neutral tan is easy to pair with almost any color, and its texture adds unique visual interest. Check out their sterling silver buckles for a custom touch.

Available at Khaki's of Carmel

@Parker :

Dries Van Noten x Linda Farrow Sunglasses, $330

Linda Farrow makes optics for many designers, but the Dries collabs always look cool to me. Sunglasses are obviously a very individual purchase, but these grey acetate aviators traverse a lot of stylistic ground, so I think they would appeal to many kinds of dudes. I’m getting a Dennis Hopper Venice Beach vibe from these.

Available at Tres-Bien Shop

David Isle / @unbelragazzo :

Washed Cashmere Stole - Begg & Co., $385

I may be biased since I write for No Man Walks Alone, but I have been obsessed with these Begg washed cashmere scarves since before No Man even opened. Photos don't really do justice to their texture. You'll just have to trust that my word is worth a thousand pictures.

Available at No Man Walks Alone