Welcome to Styleforum's first-ever "galleries" contest! In order to allow our members to showcase their great wardrobes and outfits, we are going to run a contest titled: Show us how you do it.

What are the categories?

There are two submission categories:

  1. Clothing grids, for example:

  2. “What Are you Wearing Now” pictures; for example, images like this

However, all of the entries will be judged TOGETHER. That is, all the winners could come from either category.

What Can I Enter?

Each “What are you Wearing Now/Today” or clothing grid image must be of you or of pieces from your own wardrobe, respectively. Yes, if you buy something during the contest period, you can use it. You can build a gallery in either category, or in both. There must be, by the end of the contest, a minimum of 5 photos in any given gallery.

How Do I Win? How Do I Vote?

The contest is simple. Please post a brief (50 words or less) introduction and a link to your gallery/galleries here (for Classic Menswear) or here (for Streetwear and Denim).

Members will vote for your gallery by "liking" the first picture in your gallery (i.e. the picture in the far left hand corner.) The gallery with the greatest number of likes at the end of the contest period takes the prize. In the event of a tie, Styleforum officials will have the last, discretionary, vote. So, get out your vote!

How Long do I Have?

The contest will run until 5:00PM (Pacific Time) Friday, May 8, 2015. Voting and building of the gallery both start now...so start now!

What Can I Win?

First Prize – A permanent, custom title (the details of which are to be decided), and a gift certificate worth $200, courtesy of www.opumo.com for first prize overall.

Second and third place finishers will also receive custom titles.

All of the winners will be featured in the May Edition of the Newsletter.

How do I do all of this?

1) To create a gallery, click on the “Gallery” button in the top navigation bar, or click here.

2) Click “upload photos” on the right hand side of the main galleries page

3) Upload photos from your computer. Choose the type as “personal”, and the category as either “Classic menswear” or “Streetwear and Denim”

4) Click on “Create an Album," then enter an album name and description. Please name the gallery in the form “Username + (either “What Are you Wearing Today/Now” or “Clothing Grids”). Make the description descriptive. No sexually suggestive or off-color descriptions, please.

Good luck, everyone!



Owner/administrator, Styleforum.net