Many know Amidé from his personal Instagram account, where he shares his personal style as well as streetstyle shots of equally dapper people.
However, Amidé is also the creative mind behind his namesake brand, which was born in 2018 to bring unique accessories made by master artisans. The tie selection alone is enough to make your head spin: you'll find handmade ties in Irish linen, Fresco and Solaro for spring/summer, and tweed, flannel, and loden for autumn/winter, as well as silk ties made from ancient madder, silk repp, grenadine, etc.
We had a chat with Amidé to learn more about him and what inspires him to create the beautiful accessories available on the Amidé Hadelin website.


Styleforum: How did you hear about Styleforum, and in what capacity did you start here as a member?

Amidé Hadelin: I’ve known Styleforum for quite a number of years, but I joined only a relatively short time ago. I’m not all that good in putting everything running through my mind into writing. I think I’m much more visually focused, so something like Instagram works better for me in terms of expressing myself. However running a company like Amidé Hadelin also means you need to get out there and be available for people. In that sense Styleforum is obviously a great platform. Although I started as just a private member, that quickly turned into being an affiliate vendor.

SF: When did you realize that you were interested in fashion?

AH: I think that was in my late teens/early twenties. I used to be dressed slightly different from the kids around me. Be it more of a biker look, or more preppy, it was almost always different from my peers. Back then a close friend used to work in a clothes shop, and I liked much of their stuff and the pairings you could make with them. In the end it’s just about the creativity for me I guess.

SF: When and how did you start your career in the clothing industry?

AH: It actually started in men’s shoes. I’ve worked as a part time sales representative in a store for many years. From there I basically started Amidé Hadelin because I wanted to get back to being self-employed again (as I had been previously), and saw an opportunity after regularly getting asked where to buy (parts of) my outfits I used to post on Instagram.

SF: What is the best part of the job?

AH: Being able to bring ideas to life, working with some of the greatest artisans an craftsmen around Europe.


SF: What is your least favorite part?

AH: Waiting for new products to arrive, especially since in recent years there have been production issues with a number of suppliers. Covid and Brexit have really had an impact, let’s just put it that way.

SF: How do you stay up to date with the clothing industry and current trends?

AH: I’m not really trying to stay up to date with trends to be honest. Most of the items I design are relatively timeless in the sense that they will often fit a modern as well as a more traditional taste. There are exceptions of course, but they are usually just things I like to do out of interest for a product, fabric, etc. Having said that, I do try to go to PittiUomo in Florence twice a year, even if only for (re)connecting with old friends and new contacts.

SF: What’s the single item from any collection you are most proud of?

AH: Usually that shifts over time for me, and basically is just one of the latest designs. At time of writing that is my own design ancient madder ties. A classic design with some modern crispness. There are some cool things in the pipeline, but I can’t share those here just yet.


SF: What product did you make that you thought would be a hit, but bombed?

AH: I don’t think I’ve had any so far. I’m not saying nothing bombed, but those were all things I wasn’t completely sure about to start with. It’s hard to fill a collection with only hits since customers and tastes vary, so you need to have some spread in what you offer. Some of the things added with that in mind were not the best in terms of sales, but that’s alright.

SF: If movie characters were real, who would shop at your store?

AH: I’m not a real movie buff, but any of the well-dressed characters many people like could have been potential Amidé Hadelin customers, be it James Bond, Gordon Gekko, Sam Rothstein or Thomas Crown.

SF: I see that you have a love for fabrics. Can you take me through the process by which you decide on a specific fabric?

AH: Yes, I definitely love to work with fabrics other than silk as an addition to the Amidé Hadelin tie collection, simply because many of these fabrics add a bit of texture and are harder to find with more mainstream brands.

For ties - as well as braces by the way - it basically starts with weight. Fabrics shouldn’t be too flimsy, but not too heavy either. Both will have negative effects on drape and knotting characteristics. By some trial and error and discussing with producers I know the brackets in between which I need to operate when choosing fabrics. The heaviest I’ll select is a Harris Tweed, which is a bit of a stretch in weight already, and definitely won’t be for everyone. Especially a more experienced wearer of ties may be able to pull off a half decent knot with these chunky ties, and will have fun wearing something hardly anyone has available in their wardrobe.

Then obviously there are things like texture and colour, and whether or not other brands are already working with similar fabrics (in which case I try to find something else, although that is not always possible). I basically try to envision the fabric as a tie and what to wear it with. If the answer is ‘hardly anything’ I’ll probably not select the fabric. That doesn’t mean I always get it right. Most of the time it seems to work just fine though.

Going to fabric merchants or to fairs like Milano Unica helps a lot in sourcing new fabrics, as you can see and feel a lot of samples in a short amount of time, and you’ll be exposed to new fabric options more easily.


SF: If you could get men to try one thing new in their wardrobes, what would that be?

AH: Anything from Amidé Hadelin will do haha! Beware, you might get hooked though..

SF: What are three pieces of advice you would give to your younger self?

A: - You don’t always have to take the difficult route

- If you do take the difficult route, don’t forget to enjoy the ride, it can actually be awesome
- Accept that you can’t please everyone, ‘no’ is also an answer

SF: What did you wear to your first ever job interview?

AH: I can’t remember to be honest. More than one of my past interviews have more or less been impromptu talks with people leading to a job offer. I think I have had one ‘regular’ interview, and I guess I wore a dark suit, although I can’t remember if it was grey or navy, plain or pinstripe..

SF: Describe yourself using only 5 words.

AH: It is all about details!

SF: Tell us about your hobbies outside of fashion.

AH: Between the business and running around after the kids for school and sports, I don’t really take the time to enjoy any substantial hobbies. I do a bit of photography and cooking though.

SF: What is making you happy today?

AH: Finishing some design work for a new sock sample that will be made shortly.

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