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Fok-Yan Leung--

Pete Anderson, editor in chief--Pete is a professional editor and writer living in the Washington, DC area. He travels in ever-widening circles in search of good subjects for Styleforum and his blog, Breathnaigh. He enjoys Pavement, patch pockets, the Philadelphia Phillies, among other things. Pete does not drive a Dodge Stratus.

Jonathan Moy, contributor--Jon Moy is a freelance writer from Detroit. He has a blog, getting beat like you stole something. Other than writing about menswear, he spends his time taking poorly composed photographs, eating too much food, and traveling as much as he can.

Derek Guy, contributor--Derek Guy began writing about men’s clothing and style through his blog, Die, Workwear!, sometime in January of 2011. Since then, he’s become a regular contributor at Put This On and will be writing for the new menswear magazine, Men of Habit, when it’s released in 2012. He’s currently a graduate student and works as a consultant for the United Nations and various governments. He resides half of the year in Moscow and the other half in the Bay Area, California.

Jeffery Diduch, contributor--

Jesse Thorn--



Nick V., contributor--Nick Valenti is 3rd generation shoe repair business, has been in the business 35 years. He and his shop, B. Nelson shoes, specialize in high-grade shoes and their repair and maintenance. His relationships with the top players in the shoe business and shoe-related industry are mutually based on trust, passion, respect and, honesty. Nick has appeared on Martha Stewart's radio program answering questions about repair, maintenance, and DIY home tricks.


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