Removing a scratch from a pair of shoes

  1. Question: Yesterday the toe of one of my shoes made close physical contact with a stairwell. Now there is some bigger scratch which I don't know how to treat properly. All I find when searching is in fact how to treat scratches, mine actually is a small area of 1mm x 1mm where the upper layer of the leather is removed (approx 0.2mm). What to do? Multiple applications of the Sapphir cream, then multiple of the wax?

    Answer: Yes.
    I would:
    Condition, buff
    Condition, buff
    Polish, buff a few coats until it starts to 'level' off.
    If the shoes are lighter in color than dark brown or black, use a polish that is slightly lighter than the color of the shoe.
    Sounds like a small enough nick - time, polish and patina will solve all problems.

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  1. WatchMeSpend
    Q-tip + darker Saphir on the trouble spots.
  2. Chotii
    What would you do with a pair of AE shoes which have been scuffed enough to leave light marks, but not actually scratched? I've tried repeated layers of Saphir. The shoes are very shiny now, but the scuffs remain as light as before.

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