Question (first posted by @patrick_b ): Will renovateur help remove old layers of wax? I condition with reno every few months, but it's only been a year or less that I've achieved my mirror shine results. Therefore, I've not yet developed a system to remove the old, built up layers of wax. I'd prefer not to use a solvent if there's an easier way. I have found that once you get a good mirror on the toe, it takes just a little bit of wax and much less effort to maintain the mirror (compared to developing the original mirror). I figure this is due in part to simply using a thin coat of wax that blends in to the previously applied multiple layers.

Does Reno accomplish the same thing, i.e., blending previously applied layers of wax and/or will the reno help to ensure that you don't build up too many layers of wax? or, is a solvent like alcohol the only way to remove old layers of wax.

Answer (by @nutcracker , owner of The Oak Room, a great shoe store in Taiwan): I suggest Saphir Renomat instead, though I believe it does contains some alcohol. It should do a good job removing built up wax. granted you use it gently in several layers if needed. If you're rough, these stuffs can strip the leather down to bare skin (natural color) if rubbed too hard (speaking from experience).

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