Question (originally pasted by @DrStrangelove ): Maybe you guys can help me: I want to buy a pair of medium brown leather shoes. But due to their tanning process, they darken considerably when you use shoe polish (e.g. Saphir SMDO) on them. The only way to prevent it is to apply no or only light pressure while polishing.

What would you do? Any advice how to care for them?

Answer (originally posted by @nutcracker , owner of The Oak Room , a high end store in Taiwan): Use DELICATE CREAM that's intended for delicate leather (sheepskin etc..), aniline calf, and light colored leather that's prone to darken. They're low in viscosity (more water), more gentle than Renovateur. Saphir has one of those too. Use this as a stand alone conditioner, or prior to your regular shoe polish like a primer (leather will absorb oil from the polish more evenly thus avoiding dark splotches etc...)

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