Styleforum is full of individuals who deserve to dubiously honored for their contributions to the community, and we need your help! With that said, we're happy to announce the very first STYLEFORUM DUBIOUS HONORS, where we look back at the year gone by and pick the very best (and weirdest) posts that were made to the forum.

The Categories are:

  1. Best Outfit (Classic Menswear)
  2. Best Outfit (Streetwear and Denim)
  3. Most helpful/informative post (Classic Menswear)
  4. Most helpful/informative post (Streetwear and Denim)
  5. Baller-est Purchase (Classic Menswear)
  6. Baller-est Purchase (Streetwear and Denim)
  7. Coolest brand (Classic Menswear)
  8. Coolest brand (Streetwear and Denim)
  9. Weirdest Post
  10. Most jealousy-inducing post
  11. Craziest thrift find
  12. Best shoe picture
  13. Funniest Post
  14. Most mouthwatering picture of a meal
  15. Internet Winner

You'll note that they're all wonderfully subjective. Instead of offering further guidelines, we're going to let you work out which posts you think are the most worthy.

Each award links to a devoted thread. You have until January 20th to make your nominations! After that, a poll will be opened (one per thread) and there will be a 3-day voting period, ending at 12AM of January 24th. The winners will be revealed in the January 27th newsletter (not signed up for the newsletter? Sign up here).

To entice you further, there may be some custom titles on the line for the recipients of these awards. No complaining about winners if you don't participate.