By Neil Watson

Miami never really seemed like an appealing place to buy anything other than some free time, cheap shades, and a year’s worth of alcohol consumption and binge-eating packed into a week. While that may be somewhat true, the city is transforming, and there are those choice few who want something different. So I did some digging and asked a good friend of mine where he shopped, and here’s a list of three stores that prove the nouveau Miami is chalk full of surprises – and pleny of cool stuff.

1. The Webster (Collins Ave Location)
1220 Collins Ave, Miami

Think Art Deco meets fashion runway and clean brushed steal. That's what you'll get when you walk into this once-hotel, now French-influenced boutique.
The Webster is split into a few floors. The main floor is mostly inhabited by womenswear and some really on trend men’s pieces tucked in the back corner. Casually laid out, and almost like a gallery, the walls are full of amazing photographs that reminded me of early copies of Vice magazine. This sets the tone for the appeal of this place – European streetwear combined with carefully-assembled runway collections and RTW designers framed by high flash, bright 90’s skate culture. Think the movie kids, just without all the drugs.

Upstairs is a very special place. Magnificent windows almost make you forget you’re in a store. Except that up here, The Webster boasts some one-off Berluti leather pieces, which are neatly snuggled in between Tom Ford silk pochettes and plenty of Balenciaga - if you’re into amazing perfecto jackets and moto denim, you're in luck.

Don’t Miss: The footwear collection featuring the Raf Simon’s x Adidas collaboration, in some unusual green and yellow hues; alongside JUUN.J x Adidas sneakers

2. Alchemist Shop (Lincoln Road Location)
1111 Lincoln Rd., Miami

The Alchemist shop is on the 5th floor of a parking lot. If that wasn’t interesting enough, they are one of the only shops in all of Miami stocking the infamous Yeezy Season 1 collections for men. The space is tight, but that encourages you to look more closely at each piece of free-standing art and clothing, all of which seem to just be an accessory to the floor to ceiling glass walls overlooking the city bellow.

Alchemist is for those looking for a distinct streetwear aesthetic, and boasts a brand list including everything from Rick Owens to Chrome Hearts ready-to-wear, who have been making leather jackets lined with old Hermès scarves for some time now (with the unofficial co-sign from the French label). Impressive stuff.

Don’t Miss: The view over the railing. Seriously, the clothes are cool and the staff awesome, but that view over Miami is worth the trek alone.

3. Supply & Advise
223 SE 1st St, Miami

This is a special place where old world tailoring meets slim lines, vintage military and Japanese whiskey. If you need a great shave and barber, they have that too. What’s most impressive about this space is the brand mix and layout. It’s not uncommon to find Drake’s and Ring Jacket paired next to each other, but finding this in Miami was definitely a treat, as I could simultaneously geek out over clothing and the (yes, working) tiny Army flatbed now used as a knits and shirt table - while lusting after the Persian rugs on the floor.

The staff is knowledgeable about everything, and most, if not all of it, is hand picked by owner Jonathan Eyal, who you’ll find in the store talking to you about life, and what brought the shop together, which is worth a few minutes to hear.

Don’t Miss: Alden, Alden, and more Alden. The most impressive selection I’ve seen to date, as they skipped out on any of the boring stuff. They even carry a few models made only for them. The Hunting Green suede tassel loafer is my personal favorite.