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By Synthese, Nov 19, 2014 | |
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    Fok Yan Leung
    El Jefe Guapo

    Fok is one of two owners and administrators of styleforum.net, which he and some friends started as a way to avoid their Ph.D theses, lawyering, doctoring, and other tedious work. He often compares Styleforum to a bar. Incessantly, actually. It gets old. He spends his free time practicing MMA and riding his scooters, of which he has amassed a large collection. Generally, he is far too busy to deal with your shit.

    Someday, Fok might write something. If he does, you will find it here.


    Jasper Lipton
    Chief word-guy

    Jasper unintentionally became the Editor-in-Chief of styleforum.net after realizing that he didn’t want to be an academic, that he still had to make rent, and that he could get paid to go to Pitti Uomo and write about it. When his eye-strain becomes unbearable, he enjoys skiing and taking high-resolution pictures of his two super-kawaii dogs. He posts them on his blog, which he doesn’t want to advertise, because everyone else has a blog they advertise and he still views “blogging” with a distrust that borders on paranoia.

    Read all of Jasper's articles here.


    Professor Fabulous

    Maximilian J. Fabulous (PhD, C.B.E., D.S.O.) is Quentin Crisp Chair and Professor Emeritus, Department of Uranistic Necromancy, Brown University. He enjoys ascots, Victorian tobacco boxes, Côte-Rôtie, and sailors. Author of more than 150 scholarly publications, he's currently investigating the history of men’s hosiery in the 120 Days of Sodom. He can be reached c/o Suite 70, Hôtel Metropole, Avenue de la Madone, Monaco 98000.

    Read more from the Professor here.
    Have a question? Email Professor Fabulous at [email protected]


    David Isle
    Staff Writer

    Since finishing 6th for Styleforum's “CM Rookie of the Year” in 2011, David has put together a productive, if unspectacular, SF career, which reached its apex in 2013 when he was called “apparently undervalued” by RJMan in the “Who is voxsartoria?” thread. In 2014 he bought a leather jacket and some jeans so that he could post on the Streetwear and Denim sub-forum. He lives in DC, with no cats, and blogs at Ivory Tower Style, which is a terrible name for a blog, even in a world where most blog names are terrible.

    David's writings, rantings and lectures can be found here.

    Ben P.
    Staff Writer

    Ben P. is Styleforum’s resident grump and leading workwear aficionado. In real life, he works as an administrator at a large east-coast university. He likes jeans, denim shirts, chunky cuffs and big cardigans. He owns a beagle.

    Read grousings and musings from Ben here.


    Pete Anderson
    Contributing Writer

    A regular contributor to leading men's style blog Put This On, Pete Anderson has "written" for gq.com, Styleforum, Four Pins, and other outlets for menswear expertise, while possessing no real knowledge. He loves mid-90s emo, VHS skate videos, scratchy sweaters, and obscure American fiction. He hates Fleetwood Mac. Jesus Christ; Fleetwood fucking Mac. Pete also posts product shots from Japanese webstores at breathnaigh.tumblr.com. He lives in Silver Spring, which inspired the title of a terrible Fleetwood Mac song.

    For articles with less Fleetwood Mac, click here.

    Alex Scharf
    Tokyo Correspondent, White Coat Aficionado

    Between admiring cherry blossoms, bathing in natural hot springs, and gorging himself on ramen, Alex somehow makes time for fashion while living in the neon metropolis that is Tokyo. A transplant from the Pacific Northwest, he hasn't forgotten his roots in Patagonia down vests and Seattle Seahawks apparel, and still manages to incorporate them into his outfits - though his success in doing so is a matter of debate. While not pursuing his true passion of writing for StyleForum, Alex works as a software developer, translator, and international coordinator.

    See the world from Alex's eyes here.


    Kyle Toman
    Contributing Writer/TrashLord

    Kyle is a longtime poster on the SW&D side of the forum and wouldn't have it any other way. He stubbornly ignores care tags and has an affinity for clothes with levity.

    After a short career in the corporate world, he's now part of the team at No Man Walks Alone, where he spends his days on all manner of clothing retail before sneaking off to the peace and quiet of his Brooklyn apartment.

    Read more from Kyle here.

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