At Lanieri, we believe that a blue suit is a must have in any man’s wardrobe. It’s a modern passepartout that excels in settings both corporate and casual, and can be worn in spring time or in winter. It's bright and modern, but always elegant. With a blue suit you’re never amiss, and picking the right blue suit for you is as easy as counting to four.

Here is Lanieri’s 4-STEP GUIDE to creating the perfect made-to-measure blue suit on Lanieri.com.

1. Pick the Right Color

The choice of the color of your suit depends on your complexion; the contrast between your hair and skin.

Men with high contrast complexion should wear outfits with both light and dark tones to look cool and vibrant. A dark navy blue or charcoal blue suit could be matched with an ice blue or white shirt.

Low contrast men should choose monochromatic combinations, in order to avoid overpowering their tones. They look well with midnight blue suits combined with dark colored shirts, or a light blue suits matched with simple white shirts.

Men with a medium contrast complexion should wear medium contrast clothes, otherwise they could either lean towards the high or low contrast categories. Try a bright navy blue suit combined with a white shirt to frame your skin color.

3. Play with Patterns

Stripes, Prince of Wales or Checks look perfect on dark blue fabrics. Elegant and charming, these patterns are always tasteful.
If you desire something classic but with a touch of modern flair, a Micro-patterned suit is perfect for you. The midnight blue color shows micro patterns without being excessive and the result is an extremely chic choice for your work wear.

A plain suit celebrates color and detail. Experiment with a bright blue color that will give you a contemporary and fashionable look in a simple and perfectly-crafted style.

4. Find the Perfect Fabric

Depending on the season and your needs, the appropriate suit fabric will differ. Are you looking for an everyday suit or an outfit for special occasions?

If you want to invigorate your everyday wardrobe, choose a strong four-season fabric with great longevity, such as Super 110’s wool or soft 100’s wool-mohair fabric. A suit made of 100% cotton will keep you cool through the warmest months.

For important business occasions or for classy weekly events, a 130’s wool suit is just what you desire - a fine and precious fabric to wear all year long.
Are you looking for something special? Choose a luxurious Super 160’s wool suit made to Lanieri’s high standards of quality. Something different? In spring and summer, a lightweight 100% linen suit is the right choice for those who want to look elegant while staying cool.

Whatever you choose, you’ll love personalizing your perfect blue suit when you visit lanieri.com.

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