Question: I just got two pairs of Horween chromexcel boots (Boston Boot Co.). How shall I take care of them?
Please recommend specific products. I've never taken care of leather shoes before really but I like these new boots and I want to treat them well.

Answer: Nick from Horween recommends products with mink oil for chromexcel. He seems to like Saphir Renovateur and Venetian Creme. Not sure if Venetian has mink oil, but would surmise that it does since Horween recommends it.

Despite his recommendation, I would go easy on the mink for fear of too much darkening. They acknowledge that Venetian will darken chromexcel over time in the Q&A at the bottom of that link. I will likely try Renovateur on my chrome and see how it goes. It's hard to differentiate the preference and opinion from solid information. I would tend to trust what Horween says about caring for their leather.


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