Question (first asked by @DutchDaedalus ): I picked up a nice pair of blake rapid made Santoni FAM spectator summer shoes with an upper made of leather and canvas. Now my question is: how do I keep the canvas parts clean? Anyone got advice?

Answer (posted by @RileysCat ): I spot treat, but only on fairly large stains, like spilled drinks at a backyard party.

I use a tiny amount of soap on a toothbrush. Dampen the canvas and gently scrub until the stain is gone. It may take some time, but go easy and keep scrubbing, using little pressure.

Then wipe off the soap with a wet rag. Rinse the rag and wipe again, then rinse and wipe again, etc., even after the visible soap lather is long gone. You wanna get as much soap out as you can. Then slip in a shoe tree and let the shoe dry for a few days.

If you're worried you'll use enough water to soak the leather, apply some wax polish before you get started. Buff the wax when the shoe is dry.
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