Question: Newbie question here. Have a pair of brown Allen Edmonds shoes with off-white contrast stitching that I'm looking to treat. I really like the look of the contrast stitching and am concerned that brown polish will tint them too much. So far, I've been using Saphir Renovateur cleaner/conditioner on them. Should I just stick with clear polishes and creams or is there something else you guys would suggest? Thanks for any advice!

Answer: The problem with using neutral polish is that it often ends up with white residue and flakiness, which looks bad on darker colors.

Also, using reno as the only conditioner may not be the best thing. You're better off using a real conditioner like Bick4 or Lexol for occasional (2x per year) conditioning.

GlenKaren neutral creme might be worth a try. I just received some of his light brown, and it's a lot less opaque than other brands I've tried, so it may work well for you. Just test it on an inconspicuous spot first as the light brown did darken my tan boots due to the amount of conditioners in the creme.
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