Under this heading fall all questions about building non-professional wardrobes, what to wear for a night out clubbing, etc. A group of people on the internet can’t answer this question for you. We can give you ideas, but the specifics will depend on your social environments, your body type, complexion, and personality.

Instead of starting a thread asking, “I’m this tall and this fat/skinny, this is my station in life, tell me what to wear,” start by browsing through the pages of pictures and discussion in these threads:

Notice fits that you like and try to emulate them. Then you can ask specific questions about what particular items are, why some things are worn together and not others, and so on. Always wear clothing that fits and nice shoes. Also notice that the Men’s Clothing forum is only part of Styleforum, focused on classic men’s style. This includes some casual clothing, but if you’re not wearing suits and sport coats, or you want to look more “edgy” or “fashion-forward”, you may want to try the Streetwear and Denim part of the site.