Question (first posted by @leetpuma ): I have been looking to see if there are actually ways to condition suede. And have had very little luck. (All products seem to be either recoloring or water proofing. Only one talks about conditioning: and even then its not really its core purpose)

Can you name one? (I have some reverse calf suede)

Answer (first posted by @DWFII , a bespoke bootmaker): Not off hand. But I used to carry a product (and knew of several other brands) that were touted as cleaners and conditioners for suede. All of them were sprays. Meltonian had a product as I recall. Leather Magic and I think even Cavalier marketed a spray conditioner.

1) yes, that's probably correct...if you have access to the smooth side.
2) The products say you can. Any cleaner probably will condition the leather as well. But, of course, cleaning is almost as critical as conditioning. Maybe moreso.
3) Never tried that. Perhaps if you could atomize the liquid sufficiently it would work.
4) Ignorance? As I've said many times, there is no sin in ignorance only in choosing to remain ignorant. All leather needs cleaning and conditioning.
The Saphir may be the best product available...that's what I would use if it were me. But...

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