Hey - it's not just the clothes that make the man, right?

David Isle / @unbelragazzo :

Dear Committee Members - Julie Schumacher

This is the funniest book I have read in a while. It will be especially funny for someone who has spent any time in academia, but I think everyone can get a good laugh at the expense of a self-important yet endearing professor who starts out miserable and spirals downward from there.

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Pete Anderson / @shoreman1782 :

A print from archiv-e

The site offers relatively affordable ($100-$800), high-quality photographic prints, matted and framed, from a small selection of photographers. My favorites are Craig Stecyk’s skate photography, Glen Denny’s images of Yosemite in the 1960s, and Trent Mitchell’s atmospheric oceans. Lots of stylish surf photography and pretty girls, too.

Gus Walbolt / @GusW :

Ocho Plata Tequila, $45

It doesn’t get better than this: a single estate, vintage tequila, from a third generation maker. Like the growers, you’ll want to enjoy a blanca (plata) neat, to get the full taste and nuances of the agave and terroir.

Available at BevMo


Stag Antler Bottle Opener – CEDES Milano, $137

Made in Italy by CEDES Milano of genuine stag and polished nickel silver, this is a beautiful piece for any bar that will be appreciated for years to come.

Available at The Hanger Project

Fok / @LA Guy :

Mammoth Bone Knife - Santa Fe Stoneworks, $199

For Father’s Day, my kids got me a damascus steel knife, which is really sharp so they are not allowed to touch it. It was made with an awesome dinosaur bone inlay. For Christmas, it would be great to go forward in time a little bit and get this mammoth tooth knife to match.

Available at Huckberry

Jasper Lipton / @Synthese :

Sonos Play:1 - Sonos, $199

I have a Sonos - this precise Sonos - and it's one of the most cherished items in our house. It plays constantly - Flamenco when we have friends over for dinner, classical music when the dogs are home alone, and my inspiration playlists of epic trailer music when I'm working. It streams anything and everything, and after a few overdue software updates, it now works better than ever. The sound is fantastic, and a single Play speaker is plenty for an apartment or a whole floor of a house (we've even used it for loud parties), and if you have multiple floors you can easily expand your speaker network so that it plays the same - or different - music across them all. I'll never look back.

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