By Fok-yan Leung

This season, much to our dismay, our friends Antonio and Quentin of Eidos Napoli were not at Pitti Uomo 87. If they had been, they might have had the occasion to wear one of their own overcoats, draped casually over their shoulders while they read restaurant reviews on TripAdvisor - you can see some examples above and below, courtesy of our member EFV. Overcoats worn as a cloak were definitely a thing at Pitti Uomo 87 - and by “thing” I mean epidemic. I prefer to think that it was less an affectation, and more of a concession to the 60F+ temperatures. A jacket was barely needed, much less an overcoat - but that never stopped anyone.

When Eidos’ Creative Director Antonio Ciongoli is at Pitti, he is incessantly photographed, tumblr’d, and reblogged throughout the #menswear world. Of course, part of it is that he is tall and photogenic with a good beard (he is a member of Styleforum, and I have featured his mug many times on our tumblr feed), but his clothes, nearly all of which are from Eidos, are well-cut and well-considered. It’s all part of the play, of course. Antonio is a self-described “skater kid from Vermont.” I had no idea there were skateboarders in Vermont; I always thought that it was full of well-preserved, upper-middle-class people who skied a lot and probably got too much sun.

Eidos has a good following in North America, but not in Europe, which flies in the face of the conventional wisdom that Europeans have better taste than Americans. Since there are virtually no stockists east of the Atlantic, you would have been one of the only guys looking the part in this blue Donegal tweed overcoat from Eidos, made using a 19 oz cloth from tweed specialists Molloy & Sons. If you had gone to Pitti, of course. And if you’d photobombed Lino while wearing said coat, you might have even gotten away with it.

Eidos Blue Donegal Tweed Overcoat; $837 at No Man Walks Alone

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