Q. Ok, after doing a lot of research and reading black tie guide, I am having trouble answering the following question. Do pleated shirts work with three piece (waistcoat) tuxedos? Should a flat front shirt be worn if I want a three piece tuxedo for my wedding? In my opinion, a narrow pleat shirt would look fine, however your insight would be appreciated. Thank-you in advance.

A1. By @ImTheGroom :

They do work just fine. I was at dinner with a fellow in just that combination a couple of weeks ago, and he looked very sharp. I'm personally a fan of Marcella and flat front shirts, in general, but if you like pleats, there is nothing wrong with them at all.

A2. By @MrDaniels :

I am not that worried about "rules" but I think a flat-front shirt looks better with a three-piece tux.

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