By Carmina Shoes

Wearing ugly or inappropriate shoes with your spiffy new wedding suit is like whiffing a penalty kick to lose a game-deciding shootout. Futbol at its worst. Here are a few suggestions for wedding shoes (and one bonus boot) that could save you from avoidable regret.

  1. You really can’t go wrong with a pair of well-shined, black captoe Balmorals. A great choice for any occasion. If you need something in a pinch, buy a pair and don’t look back.

  2. Brogued shoes - broguing being the intricate perforations on the upper of a pair of shoes - used to be considered country shoes, and the brogueing allowing water to drain out of your footwear after walks in the bog. This hasn’t been the case for a long time. Unless you are wearing a tuxedo or white tie, these are a good shoe choice.
  3. A wholecut is one of the most elegant shoes. Its lack of stitching (except at the heel) gives it a sleek, refined, appearance, and if the dress code dictates that you wear a tuxedo or dinner jacket, this is a good alternative to patent leather shoes (which are, frankly, hard to wear and harder to maintain) Cordovan is made from the butt of a horse, and the sheen is unmistakable.

  4. Once upon a time, brown shoes were frowned upon. I can’t even remember why. Brown shoes generally pair well with grey and with blue. This semi-brogue, which is a brogued shoe without extensions or wings, is a bit of a change-up from the sea of black shoes seen at most weddings.

  5. If you go deeper in the red spectrum, you get a more eye-catching shoe, like this semi-brogue in Bordeaux. There are worse ways to draw attention at weddings, as many of you doubtlessly know.

  6. Bonus! A sixth pair, just for you. It's not technically a shoe, and purists would not a approve, but I once saw a most killer pair of Chelsea boots worn with slim black jeans, a sportscoat and scarf. I suppose that purists would not have approved of the wedding at all, but a dismissive wave to them. It’s someone’s parade. There’s no need to rain on it.

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