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Can I use shoe conditioner on the soles of my shoes?

  1. Question (posted by @tonylumpkin): Is there any benefit to conditioning the soles of your shoes? Does anyone do this? If its good for the uppers, why not the soles?

    Answer 1 (posted by @meister): I did on a pair yesterday and today and they will be sold soon. Good result as the leather was too dry IMO. They came out looking like a normal worn sole..after a drink!

    Answer 2 (posted by @Flieger): I occasionally put linseed oil on the soles, works fine, and if I brush my shoes and polish them I put some cream on the sides and centerpart (where it flexes the most) of the sole too.

    Answer 3 (posted by @epa): Interesting that I should see this question right now, just after visiting the Ferragamo boutique in Munich... I had a discussion with the salesperson about the alleged advantages of Tramezza, and "by the way" she mentioned that she recommended that if I used non-colour cream for the shoes, I should also put some on the soles. Also, she recommended laying the shoes on their sides after use, so as to allow the soles to dry better. I never heard these things before.

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  1. bluescholar
    I usually apply leather lotion from AE to the soles of my shoes when I polish them. It seems to help but I'm not actually sure how much. I also store them on shelves that are a a steel grid that allows them to dry out better than solid wood shelves.
  2. AndrzejJopek
    i always put some kind of neutral leather lotion on the soles of my shoes during polish and or after wearing. Its never done them any harm and most certainly soaks up time after time. I use whatever conditioning cream is left over on the cloth and even used sofa / car seat leather creme all the way to sole oil treatment. It all works and my view on this is simply that once you wear your shoes in a dry(ish) day it all rubs off anyway and the point is to put something on to stop it drying out till next time. (Crockett Jones / Gaziano / Edward Green/ Santoni.... all same approach)
  3. 1st Step
    Love using Mink-Oil, 1st Day: (1) thin layer, rest on its side to dry, Day 2: Repeat step 1
    This will protect your (soul) for a year, now if you walk in the rain, treat twice a year. I've never had to replace a sole, but I have a few pairs-sss...
  4. smfdoc
    I have used leather lotion on the soles of vintage Florsheims to very good success. It here were some separations in the layers of the leather on the heel from drying over the years. The lotion was applied twice over two days and the separation vanished.

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