Question (posted by @tonylumpkin): Is there any benefit to conditioning the soles of your shoes? Does anyone do this? If its good for the uppers, why not the soles?

Answer 1 (posted by @meister): I did on a pair yesterday and today and they will be sold soon. Good result as the leather was too dry IMO. They came out looking like a normal worn sole..after a drink!

Answer 2 (posted by @Flieger): I occasionally put linseed oil on the soles, works fine, and if I brush my shoes and polish them I put some cream on the sides and centerpart (where it flexes the most) of the sole too.

Answer 3 (posted by @epa): Interesting that I should see this question right now, just after visiting the Ferragamo boutique in Munich... I had a discussion with the salesperson about the alleged advantages of Tramezza, and "by the way" she mentioned that she recommended that if I used non-colour cream for the shoes, I should also put some on the soles. Also, she recommended laying the shoes on their sides after use, so as to allow the soles to dry better. I never heard these things before.

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