Question: I'm getting a pair of beater winter boots (i expect salt damage). They have a rubber half sole stitched on but I want to add a Topy because that would be cheaper than having to replace the stitched half sole and it's not worth the cost of a half-sole resole for these.
Does anybody here have experience with Topying a rubber half sole?

Answer (first posted by @Munky ): You don't put Topys on full rubber soles and heels - they are already made of rubber! And the rubber is single unit made up of heel and sole. Have a look on the net, for Dainite soles, for an example. The same company make a much more heavy duty unit called Commando, too.

In your message, you said that you were going to buy new shoes - future tense. If you haven't bought them already, do consider the rubber soled and heel varieties. If you have bought them, already, it depends on what you paid for them and whether or not you can afford another pair. From the point of view of their being winter shoes, you need to consider if the uppers are fit for 'weather'.

I'm sorry to be a big gloomy but I hope this helps!

Answer (dissenting opinion): It is possible to glue a rubber sole protector-Topys- to a rubber sole.

The problem would be getting good adhesion. You need a very uniform surface with the sole protector in contact with the sole everywhere, not just at a few high points. That could require sanding down the rubber surface, which might detract from the life of the original sole. If the sole is fairly smooth, then maybe you could add the protector without losing too much. If it is deeply contoured, maybe wear them until the irregular surface wears flat where you tread, then sanding down the rest of the surface, and adding the sole protector??

It would probably make more sense to start with leather soles and add sole protectors to them.

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