Question: Need some help please. The leather sole on my Crockett&Jones has broken off almighty at the toe - probably due to it getting wet and the way I walk. The stitching is now revealed slightly (hand grade).

I wanted to put on flush metal toe taps, but been all over Budapest she repairers and no one can do such a job. To make them flush I understand they have to cut away the leather but does this not ruin the integrity of the shoe? i.e. Cutting away below the stitching level? Would like to do this on some of my other shoes, including Gaziano&Girling and other Crockett&Jones, but don't want to screw up the shoes. Grateful for any insights on this process and would be in London at Christmas time, so any places who could do this would be most welcome.

Answer (from @Nick V. , proprietor of B. Nelson, a shoe repair company): If done properly it won't ruin the integrity of the shoe. If the sole is new the stitching is not disturbed at all. If the sole has been worn to far -or- in your case it sounds like it was damaged at the toe. A new leather tip is attached and stitched on. Then, the flush mounted toe plate is added.

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