Question (originally posted by @sleepyinsanfran ): I have a question for anyone who's worn unlined shoes made of chrome-tanned leather for a few years - did that have adverse effects on your skin?
I have worn my pair last summer and didn't see any ill effects, but I'm wondering if the chemicals will start seeping out with time (I realized that only on SF might that be a valid concern haha)

Answer (originally posted by @DWFII , a bespoke shoemaker): Chrome allergies are real and AFAIK once they manifest are hard to get rid of. I have made shoe/boots for several customers who had chrome allergy and could not abide any chrome tanned leather even when it was isolated from the skin by socks.
On the other hand, if you wore the shoes during the heat of last summer with no ill effects the chances are you'll not have any problems this year ...or at all.

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