Q: Are APCs a good starter pair of raw denim jeans? I've thought about APC, but I've seen a lot of people here say that they're not very good. I want to make sure that I do this right on the first shot, but raw denim looks like way too much work. APC is also $200 from Nordstrom. That seems pretty expensive unless there's somewhere else I should be looking for these.

A: APCs are made in Macau, so i think it gets unfairly judged because of that sometimes.

A lot of people also claim that they're more prone to blowouts, but the problem is that a lot of people size down way too much on them (advice like "get a pair whose top two buttons you can't button at first" used to be rampant), which is what causes said blowouts

The thing about the japanese brands, as i mentioned in my other post, is that they can only really be appreciated by denim enthusiasts. and even then, if you want my honest opinion, though I don't doubt that some legitimately are passionate about the stuff, a lot of people who advocate those brands are just people who are prone to mental masturbation. Sure, they're undoubtedly better made, and you often find niche stuff with those brands (e.g. non-red selvedge lines, brass/copper/etc. buttons, gaudy back pocket stitching, big leather patches, etc.) which people sometimes hype up, but how much things like that are worth to you is something you should think about for yourself. If you don't actually care for any of those things, then there's obviously no point in buying from any of those brands. there's certainly something of a hive mind culture or whatever it's called to fashion forums (look at male fashion advice on reddit, for example), so it's important to have some self-awareness and establish yourself mentally early on so that you don't blindly agree with and buy into things.

I find that japanese brands also work best with a very specific style/aesthetic, like a vintage workwear look.

If you just want raws to wear casually, then there's nothing better than apc's minimalist-looking jeans imo

And as I mentioned before, they fade very well, fade relatively easily, are relatively cheaper, have some of the most flattering cuts, and are stocked by pretty much everybody (which means that it's easy to get a pair to actually try on in person)

And yes, they do go on sale on various sites so they can be had for cheaper than $200

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