Q: Sizing question:

I measure 8.5 in length but 9 in heel to ball. So typically I need a 9 for a proper fit. I have the PA in black and brown and the 9D works fine. For the Lexington, which is the same last but in a blucher, I ordered a 9D, expecting a similar fit. Overall they feel fine, however there is some gapping near the ankles. I'm wondering if due to the extra room of the blucher style, if I would be better suited to an 8.5D. Does this make sense? Does anyone here find that they size down from PA to Lexington?
Any guidance would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

A: Many of the initial reviews of the Lexington (at least with the leather sole) commented on the bowing and gaps at the ankle. I have this issue on my left shoe quite often. While some would say this is a fit issue, the shoes all still feels quite comfortable, so I pretty much ignore it. Interestingly, the only AE blucher I own is the McGregor which doesn't bow at all.
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