The Modified last has a round toe box and is rather wide, to the point it could be called "bulbous". It's a good choice for people with very high arches and very wide toes. They look less "blobby" than the Barrie, because the Modified last hugs the arch and instep. The taper from arch to ball is pronounced in the Modified while the Barrie is more or less the same width throughout.
It's one of the best lasts in terms of comfort, as it is designed to follow very well the natural contours of the foot.
It is essentially an oversized last with a snug waist and arch which gently support the foot in a balanced position in weight bearing. The broad toe offers unrestricted toe room along the inner border as well as along the third, fourth and fifth toes. The short back part holds the foot in firm control even with prescribed corrections. The Modified Last is used in fittings where a high arch or contracted foot type is found. There is ample room to accommodate plantar inserts where prescribed. The Modified Last may be used for pronated foot shapes, particularly flexible feet which will respond to prescribed correction. Alden's Modified is an effective last for delivering a new standard of all day comfort, offering welcome relief to those who suffer foot stress, fatigue, and pain.
It fits at least 1/2 size larger than regular U.S. size and people usually size 1/2 down.


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