Alden's 379X last is also known as the "military" last and is often used for the Japanese and European markets. It has a fairly rounded shape, and is clearly designed with orthopedics in mind.

It is Alden’s closest approximation of the classic Munson last, and offers a heavily rounded toe, similar to the Modified last. While 379X does not have quite the level of extreme arch support that Modified offers, it is nevertheless a good last for those with high arches, while still being comfortable for a normal arch. The last may have slightly more arch support than is comfortable for someone with a flat foot (in which case Trubalance may be a more appropriate choice).

379X has a narrow heel and is also narrow through the waist of the shoe. The instep and vamp of the 379X last are fairly low, as is the toebox height itself (akin to TruBalance) but the last overall has enough volume that the general guidance is to size down by 1/2 in length. Exceptions to this would be if you have a high volume foot or a high instep, in which case it should be taken up one width (and down by 1/2 in length from TTS). It may also be taken TTS, although this may affect proper heel-to-ball placement.

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