1. Pleats: 2016 is the year pleated pants finally get the attention they deserve. While in the recent years many people cast off pleats as being unflattering, they are now being seen for what they are: visual interest in the ensemble. Say goodbye to the single dart or flat front trousers for now.

2. Turtle Necks: The MVP of the fall and winter wardrobe this year will undoubtedly be the turtle neck. Easy to wear as an outfit alternative with a classic suit, or pair with trousers and smart sport coat for a clean and sophisticated look.

3. Wider Lapels: The fashion pendulum swings back and forth when it comes to the trend of lapel widths, but for this fall its definitely swinging wide. Bespoke tailored jackets tend to have wider lapels due to the fact that the art of bespoke tailoring loves the gradual roll of a wide lapel, but now that the popularity of it has grown you can still partake in the trend with an off the rack budget.

4. Military Inspired Details: It is important to think of this trend in the most contemporary, not literal, of ways. No, we aren’t talking about all-over camo when we say “military inspired” what we are talking about is a sleek officers coat with bellow patch pocket, epaulets and over-sized collar.

5. Textured Cloth: This season is all about texture, the ability to layer different pieces that have more visual interest besides a stripe or a dot is what takes you from fashion apprentice to arbiter. Tweeds, flannels, any cloth with a little extra character will help you elevate your entire look.