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Great materials at a great price, but an absurd fit.


Pros: Very nice heavy waxed cotton. Construction seems durable.

Cons: A size XS is way too big for me (size 38 chest).

I was lusting after a waxed cotton motorcycle jacket. I scoured eBay for second-hand Barbours and Belstaffs, but I couldn’t find anything less than $250. But when I expanded my search terms, I found a British company called Campbell Cooper. They make waxed cotton jackets, tweed caps, and quilted jackets, among other traditional British clothing. Their prices are quite low, and the jackets are made in the UK. I took a chance on their Vincent jacket for $105 shipped (from their eBay store, which has better prices). It arrived today. The jacket is very nice. The fabric is heavy and durable, and the construction seems solid (besides a few details—more on that later). But the fit is...
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Styleforum › njhunt › Reviews by njhunt