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Jacket requires a long term commitment


Pros: Heavy, well made, leather is perfect

Cons: Heavy, stiff, cold

I bought this from Insurrection Vintage in 2011. Now they sell through their "Thurston Brothers" website. They used to have a deal with Aero where their Cafe Racers would get an extra inch in the length of the arms and the body. I wanted both of these since I was buying this to wear while actually riding a motorcycle. I ordered a size 42 and it fits perfectly. I'm 5'10" and 180 with an athletic build. My actual chest measurement is 39". This is a very trim fitting jacket, I can layer under this jacket if I don't need to bend my arms, lol. Actually, bending my arms is difficult even in a t-shirt, because the leather is so thick and stiff. For example, I can't talk on the phone wearing...
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Styleforum › CafeRacer99 › Reviews by CafeRacer99